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Face-to-Face Appointments

  • Students who are new to The Write Site are asked to visit the Write Site Secretary's office (CFO 131) for information.
  • Upon arriving at an appointment, please be seated in the waiting area of The Write Site, until a tutor calls for you.
  • Students are limited to two 30-minute sessions OR one 50-minute session per week (not including OWLs).
  • Note: When making an online appointment for a 1-hour time block, be aware that tutors require 5-10 minutes to prepare for the next appointment, and the true appointment length will be 50 minutes.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their prompts and/or guidelines for their work to ensure you are meeting the instructor's expectations.
  • ***If the schedule is already full, students can create update settings to receive text message updates for cancellations***

To Schedule a Face-to-Face Appointment

  1. Visit, here you will be asked to register an account.
    1. *Please register using your personal email first, and also give your TWU email address when prompted.
  2. Once you have done so, you will be able to view the Write Site face-to-face schedule.
  3. On this screen, dark blue blocks are unavailable, light blue are already taken, and white blocks are open for scheduling. Once you make you appointment, yours will show in gold.
  4. Select a time slot and an available tutor, and you will be prompted fill out an appointment request form.
  5. Please fill out all required items on the submission form, as you will be asked to re-enter all of the information if any is missing.
  6. *Note: Be sure the "Meet Online?" Response is set to "No-Meet Face-to-Face," as we do not as yet use the meet online function.
  7. You should receive an email acknowledging a successful appointment request or change.
  8. Appointments fill quickly and are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

To Change or Cancel a Face-to-Face Appointment

  1. If you need to make changes or cancel your appointment, you may also do so online.
  2. From the WC online home page, click on your appointment block (orange)
  3. From here you can change the appointment time or assignment information only
  4. To change the appointment day or consultant, you must first cancel the original appointment by scrolling to the bottom of the appointment form, and selecting "Cancel this Appointment." When you have done so, you make a new one with the desired changes just as you did before.
  5. If you need to change or cancel an appointment, please do so online at least 12 hours in advance, or you may call the secretary for assistance.
  6. Please note that appointments fill quickly, and missed appointments without notice detract from time that could be spent with other students, so the Write Site must uphold a no call, no show policy.


  • You are welcome to make an appointment or walk-in. However, a walk-in appointment is not always guaranteed. To ensure an appointed time with a writing consultant, it is recommended that an appointment is made in advance.
  • An appointment made with a specific tutor, is not guaranteed to that tutor; a short-notice event may occur that could cause your appointment to be moved to another tutor.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL)

If you cannot come to the Write Site for a face-to-face session, you may submit an OWL submission form and attach your paper to your online appointment for help from a Cyber Tutor. A Cyber Tutor will respond with comments and suggestions within two business days (Monday through Thursday). To view the OWL page, click on the link above.

To Contact Us

  • To seek assistance making online face-to-face or OWL appointments, or any other general inquiries or comments, please call 940-898-2341, come by CFO 131, or email our Write Site secretary, Wylijanna Cole at
  • For all other questions, comments, and concerns you may email The Write Site Tutor Coordinator, Dr. Phillips-Denny at, or call 940-898-2118.
  • Please note that appointments cannot be set up or cancelled via email alone.

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