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The Grass Roots grant program is a mini project grant that encourages students to explore their service passions. Students apply for a grant, and through meetings with the Volunteer Services Coordinator a course of action is planned and students are awarded funding to begin their process.

Apply for your grant!


As a result of participation in the Grass Roots grant program participants are able to:

  • Learn valuable skills in grant writing, budgeting and program planning;
  • Explore the opportunities for individual engagement within areas of interest; and
  • Understand and educate others about a particular issue and its impact on the present community.


Grass Roots

  • Application Process
    Find out how your project will go from paper to production.
  • Past Projects
    See what projects other Pioneers have created.
  • Resources
    Uncover the tools you need to succeed throughout your grant and project processes.

Important Dates

  • October 1 - deadline for submitting grant applications for Spring Projects
  • March 1 - deadline for submitting grant applications for Fall Projects

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