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Grass Roots grants are sponsored by Volunteer Services in the Department of the Center for Student Development. Through thoughtful and intentional planning your service dreams and passions can be realized. Below is an overview of the process.


Step 1: Apply!

  1. Identify your service passion
  2. Meet with the Volunteer Services Coordinator to discuss options
  3. Find a faculty/staff mentor to guide you along the way
  4. Fill out the application and submit it by the appropriate deadline

Step 2: Submit!

  1. Submit your application to Volunteer Services and prepare for your future.
  2. Approval Process
    • Applications are received and reviewed by the Volunteer Services Coordinator and in some cases additional staff of the Center for Student Development.
    • Applications are approved approximately 1 month after the application deadline.
    • After a decision has been made to either approve or not fund a grant, notice shall be sent to applicants. Approved grant applicants will receive a letter via email one month after the application deadline. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a written notice within 30 days after the decision.
    • Approved applicants will be responsible for picking up their official acceptance packet from the Volunteer Services office within 10 business days of receipt of acceptance email. The packet will contain: an official copy of the acceptance letter, reflection exercises, evaluative tools, and the preliminary application for the Grass Roots Colloquium.
  3. Confirm your participation by submitting your signed copy of the acceptance letter

Step 3: Serve and Learn!

  1. Meet with the Volunteer Services Coordinator to discuss your plan of action and funds disbursement.
  2. Start your work!
  3. Conduct your regular reflection.
  4. Present your work at the Grass Roots Coloquium when you're done.

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