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Become a Student Advisor 

2013-2014 Student Advisor applications are available here now.

Student Advisors are integral to the success of the Alternative Breaks Program. Serving as an AB Student Advisor requires a twelve month involvement and a significant time commitment. All AB Student Advisors are expected to be fully committed to training, trip logistics planning, participant selection, team facilitation, and local engagement, as well as post-trip activities to engage participants in reorientation.

To become a Student Advisor:

1. Read the Student Advisor Job Description which can be found on the application. The Student Advisor position requires a serious commitment to both your individual trip and the overall AB program. Before applying for the position, make sure that you will be able to carry out all of the SA responsibilities and expectations.

2. Apply. Complete the Student Advisor Application by Wednesday, September 18.

3. Participate in the SA Interview Process. Interviews will be conducted via phone on Thursday & Friday, September 19 & 20. Expect to be interviewed by one or two members of the Volunteer Services staff and/or past Student Advisors.

4. Get accepted! Student Advisor positions will be finalized and SAs will be notified Monday, September 23.

Once a Student Advisor, you must attend the SA training day. The training day will be determined based on class schedules. There, you will meet your fellow Student Advisors, get introduced to your roles in the context of the greater AB program, and get situated for the 2013-2014 school year!

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