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Volunteering is an opportunity to give a part of yourself, and to impact the lives of those around you. It allows you to grow as a student and as an individual. It gives you an opportunity to say thank you to countless individuals who have made an impact in our community. You also develop habits that help you become an active and engaged citizen in the community and in our world. You can truly make a difference!

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Top 10 reasons to volunteer at TWU:

  1. You canů connect with and strengthen your community.
  2. You canů meet new people from all walks of life.
  3. You canů share your most precious resource of time and help charities, non-profits, faith-based and other community organizations conserve funds.
  4. You canů share your skills and gain new ones.
  5. You canů promote a worthwhile activity.
  6. You canů learn something about yourself and develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  7. You canů feel needed and valued.
  8. You canů experience something new.
  9. You canů have fun!
  10. You canů make a difference.

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