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Vance Wingate
Technical Director / Gallery Coordinator
Department of Visual Arts
East | West Galleries

Professional Preparation
BA - East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma
MFA - Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Wingate has been actively involved in the Dallas/Ft. Worth art scene since moving to Dallas in 1989. He was involved with 500X Gallery for 2.5 years before branching off to start Gray Matters Gallery with a friend. For 14 years he operated Gray Matters Gallery and Red Room Books, which closed in 2005. He has been the Gallery Coordinator of East l West Galleries of the Department of Visual Arts at Texas Woman's University since June 2008. He also continues to curate shows at local and regional art spaces, exhibits his artwork, and is working on plans to open a printmaking workshop, Enoch Press @ Gray Matters Gallery, in Dallas, in the near future.

Vance Wingate Website

My work employs a reactive process of erasure, reworking and material overlay used to delineate geometric forms I have developed from redrawing and editing elements of found technical and scientific images.

Active surfaces and perceived space are created in the drawings through this process of accrued layering, selected removal of specific areas or with the addition of textures and layers in the form and background. I work toward developing a seductively uncomfortable optical experience, emphasizing visual and textural differences where the figure and ground are equally present.

In this process a simple geometric image reveals a multitude of choices and directions to investigate in developing artwork. I approach each piece trying to find the logic and essence of what can be done visually with each decision and in each step of the process.

News and Events

Vance Wingate is included in the 500X exhibition, "Creative Differences: 35 years at 500X". This exhibtion features a variety of media, including painting, photography, installation, assemblage, video, drawing, and performance by a selection of twenty-nine former members.  The show will be up from December 7, 2013 to January 5, 2014 with an opening December 7 from 7 to 10pm.


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