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The Ceramics concentration at TWU introduces students to clay as a medium with a great deal of cross-disciplinary potential within visual arts.  Current practice in this field extends into every other area of artistic practice, including installation art, video, graphics, interactive media, and all traditional media as well – and students are encouraged to explore and exploit those connections.
In order to make those connections accessible and attainable, we begin at the beginning level by giving students a strong background in basic skills, then the main advanced classes each give a perspective based on connections to other media, including sculpture, painting, printmaking (including digital media) and design.  In addition, moldmaking, kilnbuilding, and glaze chemistry are occasionally taught as part of the summer course schedule rotation.
Philosophically, the ceramics concentration is inclusive of both sculptural and design-based approaches, challenging any student to find a unique direction and develop it to its highest level.  Students are required to develop self-sufficiency in technical areas by taking responsibility for their own firings, and learning a variety of other skills that will allow them to continue to create ceramic artwork after leaving the academic environment.

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Bachelor of Arts in Art / Ceramics

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Master of Fine Arts in Art / Ceramics
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Colby Parsons
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