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Visioning Committee 2 focused on Question 2:

"To respond to external demands (legislature, job market, public constituencies, etc.), what unique programmatic directions will be critical for the university to pursue, particularly to support the identified size and composition of the student body?"

Members of the Visioning 2 (V2) Committee were appointed by Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Robert Neely in early spring 2014. The committee reviewed the final report and enrollment goal set by the Visioning 1 (V1) Committee. The V2 committee membership was composed of 24 TWU faculty and staff. Gary Ray, Vice President for Enrollment Services, and Michael Stankey, Associate Provost for Institutional Improvement, served as co-chairs for the V2 process. The committee met actively from April 2014 to November 2014. 

The Charge

The committee received its charge from Dr. Robert Neely on April 18, 2014. The charge addressed to the committee was to determine “how” TWU can reach the 2018 adjusted enrollment target of 15,800 established by the cabinet response to the V1 committee report. 

The visioning 2 committee submitted a final report to the cabinet in December 2014. The final report [pdf] contains an executive summary, committee membership,  and all team reports and research data. Any questions on the report can be sent to Michael Stankey and Gary Ray.

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