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The committee was composed of the following members representing faculty and staff in Dallas, Denton, and Houston:

Co-chair Dr. Jennifer Martin, Senior Associate Provost
Co-chair Gary Ray, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
Facilitator Ron Hovis, Interim Chair, Nutrition and Food Sciences; Special Assistant to Academic Affairs
Suzanne Ackers, Assistant Clinical Professor, Nursing, Denton
Dr. Joyce Armstrong, Professor, Family Sciences
Dr. Joe Berthiaume, Director, University Housing
Dr. Sandra Cesario, Professor, Nursing, Houston
Dr. Jessica Gullion, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Social Work
Dr. Mark Hamner, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Data Management
Governor Jackson, Director, Financial Aid
Trevor Jones, Director, Technology Infrastructure
Dr. Linda Louden, Licensed Psychologist, Dallas Counseling Center
Dr. Marsha Neville-Smith, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy, Dallas
Erma Nieto-Brecht, Director of Admissions
Dr. Linda Rubin, Professor, Psychology and Philosophy
David Schuster, Director of Library Information Technology and Technical Support
Dr. Heather Speed, Dean of Students, Student Life
Deb Unruh, Coordinator of Student Life, Houston
Dr. Genevieve West, Chair, English, Speech, and Foreign Languages
Pam Wilson, Associate Vice President, Finance, Budget, and Procurement
Dr. Brenda Floyd, Vice President for Finance and Administration, ex-officio
Dr. Robert Neely, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, ex-officio
Dr. Richard Nicholas, Vice President for Student Life, ex-officio

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