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In Fall 2012, TWU embarked on a strategic planning effort to follow its Academic Strategic Plan which will conclude in 2015. The effort, entitled Texas Woman’s University 2013-2018: From Visioning to Integrated Planning, focuses on 4 critical questions:

Question 1: To maximize a distinctive image and to ensure ongoing competitiveness for TWU, what should be the size and composition of the student body by 2018?

Question 2: To respond to external demands (legislature, job market, public constituencies, etc.), what unique programmatic directions will be critical for the university to pursue, particularly to support the identified size and composition of the student body?

Question 3: What are the resource needs and business imperatives that would sustain the student body, ensure simultaneous programmatic success, as well as financial stability and competitiveness?

Question 4: How does TWU build a communication architecture to ensure robust planning and a shared, university commitment?

Provost Robert Neely appointed Visioning Committee 1 in Fall 2012 to answer Question 1, and the group of TWU faculty and staff provided a report in June 2013. In academic year 2013-14, cross-cutting committees to answer questions 2, 3, and 4 will be appointed. The three committees will transition the visioning process from formation of a vision to creation of a strategic plan to achieve the vision.

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