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THE NEXT TWO WEEKS AT TWU: March 7-20, 2005

Volume 27, Number 11, March 7-20, 2005


The rutabaga meets the road in Texas Woman’s University’s Seventh Annual Edible Car Contest, with cash prizes totaling $600 awaiting the winners.

Teams of middle school and high school students, as well as teams from TWU will compete from 9 a.m. until noon Friday, March 11 in the northeast banquet room of Hubbard Hall.

Cars must be built using only food items edible to humans. In previous years, cars have been made from cucumbers, hot dogs, ice cream cones and even a loaf of bread. Wheels have been made of pinwheel pasta, cookies and Moon Pies.

Entries must look like cars and not exceed design specifications outlined in the registration packet. All cars must be able to roll down an eight- to 10-foot ramp on a 20-degree incline, and the total cost of materials should be less than $10.

Cars will be judged by Metroplex-area engineers. The judging criteria include aerodynamics, detailed design and speed.

The contest is sponsored by the TWU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Science and Mathematics Center for Women.

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The First Year Success: COLORS Mentoring and Advising Program is recruiting faculty and staff mentors to work with students this spring semester. The support provided by mentors is aimed at addressing issues that freshmen face while making the transition into collegiate life.

Students in the program need mentors from various disciplines, such as nursing, occupational therapy, education, psychology, sociology and English. All faculty/staff applicants will meet with the program coordinator before meeting their protégé.

Contact Ticcara Cassell, Student Success and Outreach Advisor, for application packet and additional information. She may be reached at 8-1-3513 or Cassell@mail.twu.edu.  

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TWU’s Department of Visual Arts and School of the Arts presents “Women Playing with Fire” March 7-31 in the West Fine Arts Gallery on the Denton campus.

“Women Playing with Fire” showcases a wide range of outstanding ceramic artwork, ranging from sculptural to functional, by female artists of national and international prominence. The one-of-a-kind exhibition was started two years ago by TWU Professor Colby Parsons-O’Keefe and graduate students Kate E. Nelson and Cory Cryer as a way to promote emerging and established female talent in the ceramic arts. Past participants have included Marilyn Levine, Eva Kwong, Kathy King, Nancy Selvin and Sarah Jaeger. Nancy Selvin came to the TWU campus in fall 2004 to perform a hands-on workshop and lecture as part of the Women Playing with Fire series.

Artists featured in this year’s exhibition are Anne Hirondelle, Jae Won Lee, Toshiko Takaezu, Kathleen Royster, Kim Dickey, Linda Sikora, Beverly Mayeri, Liz Quackenbush, Kate Inskeep, Ayumi Horie, Jerilyn Virden, Julia Galloway, Clary Illian, Sanam Emami, Blake Williams, Jennifer Allen, Charity Davis-Woodard, Pam DiFazio, Sarah Lindley, Kari Radasch and the collaborative team of Susy Siegele and Micheal Haley.

A closing reception for this exhibit will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 31. For more information, call 8-1-2530.

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Information and news about activities, programs or TWU people may be sent to the Office of Marketing and Communication through campus mail or by e-mail to info@twu.edu. The deadline to receive information is the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. for the following week. Student information for the “People” section is not published unless it is submitted by or in conjunction with a faculty member and that faculty member’s related activities.

The Student Center’s Second Annual Spring Crafts Fair will take place from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 9, in the SC Lobby. The TWU community is invited to shop for gifts for special occasions or “just because.” A variety of vendors are scheduled to participate.

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Please submit "People" items (faculty and staff only) to the office of marketing and communication by campus mail or by e-mail to info@twu.edu. Include first and last names (no initials, please) and appropriate titles (ie. Dr.).

Dr. JoAnn Danelo Barbour (educational administration and leadership) presented a paper in San Antonio at the February Conference of the American Association of School Administrators. The paper, presented with graduate student Deana Harrell, was titled, “The Leader’s Role in Setting Norms: The Importance of Conversations in Establishing and Strengthening Teams.”

Dr. Vivian Casper (English, speech and foreign languages) presented a paper titled, “War and Terrorism on the American Stage: Spotlight on Backgrounding/Foregrounding Messages” at the Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture Conference on Feb. 26 in Louisville, Ky.

Dr. Susan D. Stewart (music) will work with high school students from across the western half of Colorado during the Western Slope Choral Festival March 7-8 in Gunnison, Colo. Stewart also will conduct the culminating concert of the Women’s Honor Choir.

Dr. Bill Cissell (health studies) convened the Hurricane States Faculty Development Conference Feb. 17-18 in San Antonio. This conference was hosted by the Texas/Oklahoma AIDS Education & Training Center (AETC) and supported by the Florida/Caribbean AETC, Delta AETC (Arkansas, Louisana and Mississippi), Southeast AETC (Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina), and the National Minority AETC. He also conducted two workshop sessions on Feb. 17 titled “Principles of Adult Education.”

Dr. Bill Cissell (health studies) and a colleague — a medical anthropolgist from the School of Public Health, Jackson State University — have been invited by the China Urban Anthropolgy Association to deliver a series of health education and health promotion lectures in China during May 2005. The locations in which the lectures will be delivered include Bejing, Kunming, and Guangzhou. They also will conduct a rapid needs assessment of health-related needs of ethnic minorities in selected neighborhoods of the cities visited.

Dr. Robin Britt (nursing-Houston) was an invited author for the pain column for the January issue of Nursing 2005. Her juried article was titled “Using EMLA Cream
before Venipuncture.”

Faisal H Aboul-Enein (nursing-Houston) presented a poster in the first APN Clinical Update Conference at the VA Medical Center in Houston. The poster was titled “Feasibility analysis: using Nurse Practitioners in mobile clinics in under served areas of Texas.”

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