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THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS AT TWU: Dec. 15, 2003-Jan. 11, 2004


Volume 26, Number 8, Dec. 15, 2003-Jan. 11, 2004


Four TWU faculty will receive a $128,062 grant to develop nutrition education materials to reduce childhood obesity, with an emphasis on Hispanic children.

Dr. Junehee Kwon (nutrition and food science), Dr. Carolyn Bednar (nutrition and food science), Dr. Nancy DiMarco, (nutrition and food science) and Dr. Charlotte Sanborn (kinesiology) will receive Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Minority Research and Education Grant Program funding to develop a program designed to increase the fruit and vegetable consumption of Hispanic as well as non-Hispanic children in grades K-2.

In Texas, Hispanic children have a higher rate of obesity than Caucasian or African American children. Obese children are at greater risk for Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases because of their weight.

Research shows that increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in children is a more effective weight control tool than lowering the fat content of foods. The TWU faculty members also will develop and provide nutrition education materials for the children in the project group, their teachers, parents and school foodservice staff, and make recommendations that can be implemented across the state for effective nutrition education for Hispanic children.

Dr. Kathryn Tart (nursing-Houston) has received two grants totaling nearly $90,000 to help retain nursing students and hire additional faculty. Dr. Tart received a $60,000 grant from Tenet Healthcare Corp. and Houston Northwest Medical Center to fund a nursing faculty position at the TWU Houston campus.

Dr. Tart also received a $29,783 grant from the Greater Houston Partnership for the Nursing Student Retention Assistance Program. The grant funding will provide stipends to nursing students who are at risk of dropping out of school due to financial pressures.

Dr. William Bartlett (physical therapy-Houston) received a $23,922 grant, a subcontract from Baylor College of Medicine from an award by the Department of Veterans Affairs, to study various factors that affect the progression of ALS and various physical therapy processes that help maintain ALS patients’ quality of life.

Dr. Jeffrey Huber (library and information studies-Houston) received a $9,932 grant, a subcontract from the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library from an award by the National Library of Medicine, to document the health information needs of Texas families with chronically ill children or children with disabilities.

Dr. Lene Symes (nursing-Houston) and Dr. Rebecca Krepper (nursing-Houston) received a $5,000 grant from the American Nurses Foundation for a project titled “Stressful Life Events Among New Nurses: Do They Predict Job Retention?” The study is designed to increase the understanding of stressful life events in the lives of nurses and whether the degree of the stress predicts retention one year after employment.

Dr. Michelle Cho (nursing-Dallas) received a $2,000 grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. to study the comfort level of the new Papilla gown’s comfort vs. the traditional hospital gown for female breast cancer patients and whether the Papilla gown’s larger arm openings significantly lower the instance of lymphedema prior to patient discharge from the hospital.

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Information and news about activities, programs or TWU people may be sent to the office of marketing and communication through campus mail, by fax at 8-1-3463 or by e-mail to info@twu.edu. The deadline to receive information is the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. for the following publication. Student information for the "People" section is not published unless it is submitted by or in conjunction with a faculty member and that faculty member's related activities.

The Pioneer Hall swimming pool will be closed through Jan. 7 for repairs and maintenance. The weight room and track also will be closed during that same time.

The Wellness Center will offer spring exercise classes beginning Jan. 5. Spring classes will include lunchtime water classes Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m. cycling classes Monday-Friday, lunchtime cycling classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and evening cycling classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information, contact Sarah Brown at 8-1-2908 or sbrown@mail.twu.edu.

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Please submit “People” items (faculty and staff only) to the office of marketing and communication by campus mail or by e-mail to info@twu.edu. Include first and last names (no initials, please) and appropriate titles (ie. Dr.)

Dr. Valentine Belfiglio (history and government) has been promoted to the rank of colonel in the Texas State Guard by the governor. Along with his promotion, Dr. Belfiglio has been appointed a civil affairs liaison officer with the Texas State Guard.

Dr. Ho Soon Michelle Cho (nursing-Dallas) has been appointed a member of the Advisory Council on Democratic and Peaceful Unification of Korea by the South Korean government. Dr. Cho received the appointment because of her close ties in the Dallas/Fort Worth Korean community through health outreach programs and the leadership role she has taken in the D/FW Korean community.

Dr. John Flohr (music) authored “Faculty Fellows Internship Program — Three Views” with Devonna Sue Morra and Jean Eckrich published in the Fall 2003 (Volume 89, No. 4) edition of Liberal Education. The article is about the fellowship program he was awarded in Spring 2003 through the faculty awards committee and the American Colleges and Universities, in cooperation with the Institute for Experiential Learning.

Dr. Dene Grigar (English, speech and foreign languages) gave two papers at professional conferences in October. The first was presented at the Fourth Biennial Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The second was presented at the Society of Literature and Science in Austin. She also was one of 15 people selected to attend the “Writers of the Future” workshop held in Nottingham, England, sponsored by trAce Online Writing Center at the University of Nottingham Trent. The workshop provided the funding and technical support for completion of her work on electronic fiction, “Fallow Field,” which will be included in the upcoming Ciberart competition held in Bilbao, Spain. Her article, “Electronic Literature: Its Types and Some Examples,” is forthcoming in Redes Sensoriais: Arte, Ciencia e Tecnologia (Sensual Media: Art, Cinema and Technology), edited by Katia Valeria Maciel Toledo and published by Contra Capa in Rio de Janerio.

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