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Graduate on Time with Degree Planning Worksheets

Degree planning worksheets provide undergraduate students with a simple, efficient, and worry-free path to obtaining their degree.  There are three key benefits to using a degree planning worksheet: 

  • You can view all requirements for your entire degree at a glance.
  • Course requirements are presented in a recommended order to ensure you fulfill all prerequisites before you take on more complex material.
  • Recommended courses simplify course selection.

To find the degree planning worksheet for your program, simply click on the appropriate link below.  Please remember to visit your Academic Advisor and track your academic progress on DARS as you plan your coursework.  Transfer students are encouraged to refer to the Transfer Equivalency Guides.  Please contact departments directly for degree plans posted prior to 2014 fall.

(Think you can graduate within 3 hours of your degree plan? Check out TWU's Tuition Rebate Plan.)

Art (Visual Arts)

Art.BA  Art Education Concentration Sequence
Art. BA  History of Art Concentration Sequence
Art. BA  Studio Art Concentration Sequence
Art.BFA  Ceramics Concentration Sequence
Art.BFA  Graphic Design Concentration Sequence
Art.BFA  Painting Concentration Sequence
Art.BFA  Photography Concentration Sequence
Art.BFA  Photography with Business Concentration     Sequence
Art.BFA  Sculpture Concentration Sequence


Biology Education - 4-8 Science
Biology Education - 8-12 Science
Biology Education - 8-12 Life Science
Human Biology - PT
Medical Technology

Business & Economics (School of Management)

Accounting.BBA Sequence
Business Administration.BBA Entreprenuership Emphasis  Sequence
Business Administration.BBA General Sequence
General Business.BAS
Finance.BBA Sequence
Human Resources.BBA Sequence
Management.BBA Sequence
Marketing.BBA Sequence


Biochemistry.BS  Biochemistry ACS Certified Sequence
Biochemistry.BS  For Pre-Health Majors Sequence
Chemistry.BS Sequence
Chemistry.BS  Chemistry ACS Certified Sequence

Communication Sciences

Communication Sciences.BS  Deaf Education Track   Sequence 
Communication Sciences.BS  Speech, Language, Pathology Track   Sequence


Dance (Teaching Cert.)

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene


Drama.BA Sequence
Drama.BA  Teaching Certification      Sequence

Education (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Education EC-6 Generalist
Education EC-6 ESL
Education EC-6 Bilingual
Education EC-6 Special Education
Education 4-8 Bilingual
Education 4-8 English, Language Arts
Education 4-8 ESL Generalist
Education 4-8 Generalist
Education 4-8 Special Education


English.BA Sequence
English.BA   7-12 English Certification  Sequence

Family Sciences

Child Development.BS Sequence
Child Development.BS  Child Life Track Sequence
Child Development.BS  Pre-Occupational Therapy Track Sequence
Child Development.BS  Pre-Physical Therapy Track Sequence
Family Studies.BS  Sequence
Family Studies.BS  Pre-Occupational Therapy Track Sequence
Family & Consumer Science.BS  Composite Certification Sequence
Family & Consumer Science.BS  Hopsitality, Nutrition, Food, and Science Certification Sequence
Family & Consumer Science.BS  Human Development and Family Studies Certification Sequence

Fashion & Textiles

Fashion Design.BA Sequence
Fashion Design.BA and General Business.BBA Entrepreneurship Emphasis  (dual degree) Sequence
Fashion Design.BA and Fashion Merchandising.BS  Marketing Minor (dual degree) Sequence
Fashion Design.BA and Marketing.BBA  (dual degree) Sequence
Fashion Merchandising.BS  Management Emphasis, Marketing Minor Sequence
Fashion Merchandising.BS  Planning Emphasis, Marketing Minor Sequence
Fashion Merchandising.BS and General Business.BBA  Entrepreneurship Emphasis  (dual degree)    Sequence
Fashion Merchandising.BS and Management.BBA  (dual degree) Sequence
Fashion Merchandising.BS and Marketing.BBA  (dual degree) Sequence

General Studies

 General Studies.BGS    


Government and History

Government.BA Sequence
Government.BS Sequence
History.BA Sequence
History.BS Sequence
History.BA   4-8 History/Social Studies Certification Sequence
History.BS   4-8 History/Social Studies Certification Sequence
History.BA  7-12 History/Social Studies Certification Sequence
History.BS   7-12 History/Social Studies Certification Sequence
Legal Studies.BA Sequence
Legal Studies.BS Sequence

Health Studies

Health Studies.BAS Sequence
Health Studies.BS - All Level Health Education  Sequence
Health Studies.BS - Community Health Sequence
Health Studies.BS - Masters Preparation Sequence
Health Studies.BS - Masters Preparation OT Sequence


Kinesiology.BS  Exercise Science Track Sequence
Kinesiology.BS  Exercise Science, Pre-PT Track            Sequence
Kinesiology.BS  Teaching/Coaching Academy Track     Sequence

Math & Computer Science

Computer Science.BS Sequence
Computer Science - Teacher Education Degree Plan
Math - 4-8 Teacher Cert. Degree Plan
Math - 8-12 Teacher Cert. Degree Plan
Mathematics.BS Sequence


Music - Liberal Arts Degree Plan
Music - Performance Degree Plan - Instrumental
Degree Plan - Piano
Degree Plan - Voice
Music - Teacher Education Degree Plan - Band
Degree Plan - Piano
Degree Plan - Strings
Degree Plan - Vocal
Music.BA - Music Therapy Track  Sequence


Nursing.BS  Traditional Plan  
Nursing.BS  Weekend Plan
Nursing - RN to BS-MS
Nursing - RN to BS


Culinary Science and Food Service Management.BAS  Sequence
Food and Nutrition in Business and Industry.BS Sequence
Nutrition.BS - Dietetics Emphasis Sequence
Nutrition.BS - Nutritional Science Emphasis Sequence
Nutrition.BS - Wellness Emphasis Sequence


Psychology.BS Sequence
Psychology.BS  Graduate School Preparation Track  Sequence
Psychology.BS  Pre-OT Sequence
Psychology.BS  Pre-PT Sequence

 Sociology, Social Work & Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice.BA  Sequence
Criminal Justice.BS Sequence
Sociology.BA Sequence
Sociology.BS Sequence
Social Work.BSW Sequence 

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