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Component II Supporting Documents

Component III Supporting Documents

Proposed courses for the Texas Woman's University Core Curriculum are listed below.  The Student Learning Outcomes Alignment Form and General Education Core Course Assignment Template detail how the College Student Learning Outcomes will be assessed in each couse. 

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(010) Communication (6 SCH)

Mandatory courses:

(020) Mathematics (3 SCH)

One course from the following:

(030) Life and Physical Sciences (6 SCH)

Two courses from the following:

(040) Language, Philosophy and Culture (3 SCH)

One course from the following:

(050) Creative Arts (3 SCH)

One course from the following:

(06) American History (6 SCH)

Mandatory Courses:

(070) Government/Political Science (6 SCH)

Mandatory Courses:

(080) Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 SCH)

One Course from the Following:

(090) Component Area Option (6 SCH)

3 SCH from the following:

And 3 SCH from the following:

*Indicates a course new to inventory pending Curriculum Committee and THECB approval.

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