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ART 3053 Global Perspectives in Art (approved for core - Creative Arts)

BIOL 4223 Ecology

BUS 3183 Introduction to International Business

BUS 3193 Community Conversation in Sustainability

BUS 4293 International Human Resource Management

BUS 4353 International Marketing

DH 4923 Senior Capstone:  Global Oral Health

DH 4533 Oral Health Worldview

DNCE 2143 Dance and Globalization (approved for core - Creative Arts)

DNCE 3143 World Dance Forms

ECO 3223 International Finance and Trade

ENG 2133  Drama (approved for core – Language, Philosophy, and Culture)

ENG 3033 Introduction to the Study of World Literature

ENG 4333 Introduction to the Study of World Literature

ENG 2073 Mythology (approved for core – Language, Philosophy, and Culture)

FL 2013 Mythology (approved for core; students entering prior to 14/FA - Visual and Performing Arts)

FS 2003 Diversity in Contemporary Families: A Global Perspective

FS 3523 The Care and Education of Children: A Global Perspective

FT 3043  Global Production and Trade

FT 4083  Global Dress and Adornment

GOV 3013 Community Conversation in Sustainability

GOV 4533 International Relations

HIST 2013  World Civilizations to 1715

HIST 2023  World Civilizations since 1715

HIST 4233  Global Issues and Trends

HS 2813  Introduction to Global Health

MATH 2053 Women and Minorities in Engineering, Mathematics and Science (approved for core - Component Area Option)

MU 3713  Music and World Cultures (approved for core - Creative Arts)

NFS 3063  Ecology of Foods and Nutrition

NFS 3073  Nutrition for Women in a Global Environment

NFS 3173  Culture and Food

NURS 4614 Community Health

PHIL 3163 Ethics in a Global Context

PSY 4183  Global Perspectives in Psychology

SCI 2103  Introduction to Environmental Chemistry: Global Perspectives (approved for core - Life & Physical Sciences)

SCI 3013 Community Conversation in Sustainability

SCI 3033 Who Owns the Rain:  Water in a Changing Environment

SCI 3133 Climate change: A Human Perspective [formerly SCI 2333]

SCI 3153  History of Modern Science on the 21st Century

SOCI 1013 Introduction to Sociology (approved for core - Social & Behavioral Sciences)

SOCI 3083  Population Dynamics

SOCI 3273  World Regional Geography

SOCI 3303 Cultural Anthropology

SOCI 3483 Societies in Development

WS 2013: Gender and Social Change: An Introduction to Multicultural Women's Studies (approved for core - Component Area Option)


Other courses are pending approval.

To have a course reviewed contact:
Dr. Barbara Lerner, Office of Undergraduate Studies

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