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The Office of Undergraduate Studies supports undergraduate advising efforts at TWU. 

If you are a student with questions about advising, go to the Academic Advising home page.

If you are a faculty or staff advisor with questions, go to the Academic Affairs advising page.

For questions about core curriculum requirements or advising, go to the Academic Affairs core curriculum advising page.

DARS - Your Tool for Degree Completion

DARS is an automated process for tracking your progress in completing a bachelor's degree at TWU. DARS will help you understand what degree requirements you have fulfilled and what you need to graduate. You can find a link to DARS on the TWU home page. 

DARS has the answer to every student's top 3 questions:

1. What courses do I have to take to complete my undergraduate degree program?
2. Have I met TWU's requirements for graduation?
3. What courses would I have to take if I switched my major?

If you need technical assistance in using DARS, contact the HelpDesk.

If you need assistance understanding a DARS report, click here.

If you believe there is an error in your DARS report, contact your advisor or e-mail an explanation to Be sure to include your name and Colleague ID number. Please allow at least 48 hours for a response.

Having trouble with DARS?  Use this handy PDF for step-by-step instructions with screen-shots:  What's All the Fuss About DARS?: Things Every TWU Undergraduate Should Know

Undecided Students

If you are an Undecided student, please visit Career Services for assistance in selecting a major which aligns with your career interests.  Then visit the Academic Advising website to make an appointment with an adviser in your fields of interest. 

Career Counseling from Career Services

  • Undecided About Your Major? 

  • Uncertain About Your Career Direction?

  • Interested in Exploring "Major" Options?

A Career Counselor can assist you with...

  • Evaluating your interest, personality, and work values using career assessments.
  • Developing an effective decision-making process in choosing a major/career.
  • Helping you answer the question "What Can I Do With This Major?"
  • Exploring your career options with the Career Library and Exploration Websites.
  • Choosing a major and finding a career that you will enjoy.
  • All services are free to current TWU students and you may check out most books from our Career Library.

To schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor,
please call (940)898-2950!

Transfer Students

Process of Transfer Transcript Evaluation
  • After a student submits the transfer transcripts to TWU and paid admission fees, the Office of Admissions Processing evaluates – enters the data from the transcript and assigns equivalencies for the TWU transcript. Original transcripts are imaged for electronic retrieval.
  • If a student enters as a post-baccalaureate student, the Office of Admissions Processing does not evaluate and list all the courses taken for the first degree. [If a student is enrolling as a post- baccalaureate student for a second degree, the student, with advisor approval, may submit a request that specific courses for be evaluated for equivalency with TWU core courses or core areas.]

 TWU Transfer Articulation Agreements

Transfer of Credit

  • Limit on transfer credits: Students admitted 2013 fall and forward may transfer up to 90 hours. Students admitted between 2009 fall and 2013 summer may transfer up to 84 hours. Students admitted prior to 2009 fall may transfer up to 72 hours.
  • Transfer Dispute Policy – follow state regulations and process as described in the General Catalog/Academic Information.
  • Types of courses accepted for a TWU degree program:
    • Academic courses listed in the Texas lower division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) manual
    • Courses with Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) numbers
    • Courses with equivalencies to TWU courses
    • Courses without equivalencies if the department accepts them
  • Types of courses not generally accepted without academic departmental approval         
    • Technical/ workforce (WECM) courses
    • Technical courses for which there are no TWU equivalents
  • Types of courses not usually accepted
    • Courses from an unaccredited academic institution

Transfer of Core Curriculum Courses

  • A student who transfers to TWU and is “core complete” does not have to take any of the TWU core or satisfy other core requirements. If the “core complete” does not appear on the transcript, students may be asked to provide documentation showing its completion at the original institution.
  • If a class counts at a core at another Texas public institution, TWU must accept that class for the area of the core for which it was taken.
  • Students who have not completed all areas of the state core must complete the TWU core.
  • Courses from private or out-of-state institutions must be evaluated for core credit based on their teaching and testing of the approved core educational objectives.
  • No advisor, institution, or institutional representative may approve course substitutions or waivers of core curriculum requirements.

Transfer of Courses for the Major

  • When there is a Texas Field of Study plan for a given major, specifying the lower division courses for that major, TWU is required to accept those Field of Study courses. Currently there are filed of study curricula for business, computer science, criminal justice, early childhood, teacher certification, music, nursing and communication.

See the plans at the Coordinating Board website:

  • Academic departments’ rules on courses for the major, such as GPA, apply to transfer courses in the same way as they do to native students. A university/program may deny the transfer of courses with grade of “D” as applicable to the student’s major, core or field of study.
  • In some cases, professional accreditation standards for programs, may limit the acceptance of transfer courses for the major (when standards dictate how or by whom the course is taught, for example).
  • Academic departments may substitute transfer courses for their required major courses, usually with a course substitution form attached to the degree plan.

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