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Undergraduate Student Reinstatement.

When an academic suspension period has expired, students are eligible to re-enroll on academic probation by petitioning the Office of Undergraduate Studies in writing and completing a Suspension Recovery Contract. As part of the Suspension Recovery Contract, the Office of Undergraduate Studies may impose conditions on re-entry students regarding specific courses for enrollment, course load limits, work load limits, etc.

It is not possible for students on academic suspension to shorten the suspension period by submitting work early that has been completed at another institution during the suspension period.

Financial Aid eligibility requires a cumulative GPA of 2.0.  Students may choose to enroll at a community college during their academic suspension period to raise their cumulative GPA for financial purposes.  It is highly recommended that students re-take courses they have failed in the past to rapidly improve their GPA.

Students wishing to return to TWU from academic suspension may find the Roadmap to Recovery a helpful guide.

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