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Tabletop Signs

Photo of a tabletop signClear acrylic tabletop signs into which an 11x17 sheet may be inserted are available for use by departments at recruiting events.

Marketing and Communication can assist with producing a sign for the display at no charge. For more information, contact Susan Sponsler at or by calling 8-1-3456.

Guidelines for using the tabletop signs

  • Tabletop signs may be used at any time, but must be reserved in advance.
  • There is no charge for using the signs.
  • reservation form (PDF) must be completed by someone who will be responsible for the sign while it is on loan.
  • Tabletop signs must be picked up and returned to the Office of Marketing and Communication, 1215 Oakland (next door to human resources; see map).
  • Tabletop signs may be reserved for up to 72 hours. Longer reservations may be possible if someone else has not reserved the display.
  • Tabletop signs may be used for non-recruiting events, but priority is given to recruiting.

Available Images for the signs

Sign A
 Image of Tabletop Sign with picture of the TWU Denton campus
Sign B
 Image of the Tabletop Sign with photo of the TWU Houston Center
Sign C
Image of the Tabletop Sign with a photo of the TWU Dallas Center shot from the ground up
Sign D
 Image of the Tabletop Sign with a photo of the TWU Dallas Center as seen from another building

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