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Tabletop Displays

Two tabletop displays are available for use at recruiting events

Large Tabletop Display
Large Tabletop Display

Tabletop display
Small Tabletop Display

The larger display measures approximately 5ft x 6ft and features a white header imprinted with Texas Woman’s University above a maroon Velcro display area.  The display is packed in a hard plastic case with rollers and assembles easily. 

The smaller display measures approximately 4ft x 2ft.  It also has a white TWU header and a maroon Velcro display area.  It folds into a self-contained case with a handle.

Instructional Support Services can reproduce and mount images and text for display.  Marketing and Communication will pay for reproducing and mounting up to 8 images and/or text panels.  Call 8-1-3784 for more information. 

Off-campus sources such as AlphaGraphics and FedEx-Kinkos also provide reproduction and mounting services.  Costs vary at off campus sources and must be paid by the department.  Marketing and Communication may pay for using an off-campus source if Instructional Support Services is unable to provide the materials. 

Images from Marketing and Communication’s extensive photo archives are available for use at no cost.  You may select images, which will be copied to a CD.  Contact Holly Nelson at or 8-1-3456 to schedule an appointment to view photos in the archives.

Photography services are also available for departments that would like to have a free-lance photographer take pictures of departmental activities for use on tabletop displays.  

Guidelines for using the display

  •  Displays may be used at any time, but must be reserved in advance.
  • There is no charge for using the displays.
  • reservation form (PDF)  must be completed by someone who will be responsible for the display while it is on loan.
  • Displays must be picked up and returned to the Office of Marketing and Communication, 1215 Oakland (next door to human resources).  Instructions on how to assemble and disassemble the displays are available.
  • Displays may be reserved for us to 72 hours.  Longer reservations may be possible if someone else has not reserved the display.
  • Displays may be used for non-recruiting events, but priority is given to recruiting.

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