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Research Poster Templates

These poster templates require Microsoft Office 2003 for Windows or later, or Office 2004 for the Mac OS or later. If these are not installed on your university computer, please contact your ITS tech support person.

Two options for creating research posters are available:

  1. Use one of the PowerPoint templates provided.
  2. Create your own PowerPoint template using the TWU Banner graphic provided.   

How to use a PowerPoint template:

Template A1 (36" x 36")
Template A1
Download Template A1
Template A2 (32" x 24")
 Template A2
Download Template A2
Template A3 (48" x 42")
 Template A3
Download Template A3
Template B1 (36" x 36")
 Template B1
Download Template B1
Template B2 (32" x 24")
 Template B2
Download Template B2
Template B3 (48" x 42")
Download Template B3
  1. Choose the template that is nearest to the desired size.
  2. Standard sizes available are:
    1. 36 x 36 inch (A1, B1)
    2. 32 x 24 inch (A2, B2)
    3. 48 x 42 inch (A3, B3)
  3. The banner in the A templates are centered at the top of the poster; the banner in the B templates are on the left side and extend across the entire width of the poster. 
  4. The width and height of the banner may be changed. However, please note that changing the height and/or width of the poster may distort the banner graphic.
  5. All of the templates include the banner graphic embedded in the slide layouts.

How to use the banner graphic to create your customized PowerPoint template:

Download banner.eps
Download banner_extend.eps
  1. Download the banner.eps and the banner_extend.eps.
  2. Save these files to a folder on your desktop.
  3. Open a new PowerPoint file.
  4. Go to the File pull down menu and select Page Setup.
  5. Enter the dimensions for the size of your poster in the width and height windows.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Go to the Insert pull down menu and select Picture.
  8. Select the banner.eps from your desktop, and click insert.
  9. Select the banner and resize it proportionally by holding down the shift key on your keyboard.
  10. Move the banner to the top left corner or to the top center.
  11. If you want the burgundy banner to cover the top of your poster, go through steps 8 - 10, but select the banner_extend.eps, then resize and place the burgundy extender on one or both sides of the banner.
  12. Overlap the banner extender slightly on top of the banner to ensure that there is no white gap between them.
  13. Save the file.
  14. You are now ready to begin creating your poster presentation.

If you have questions or feedback on using the poster templates or banner graphics,
please contact Susan Sponsler in the Office of Marketing and Communication at

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