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Parents Letting Go Of Their High School Graduates

High school graduation time is approaching, and many parents have mixed emotions about their child becoming an adult and moving away. Dr. Mary Bold, assistant professor of family sciences at Texas Woman's University in Denton, can discuss parents letting go of their graduate with the media.

Dr. Bold teaches family sciences at TWU and is affiliated with the Parenting Center of Fort Worth. She developed the adolescent and family life curriculum at the Parenting Center and works with adolescents and parents on such issues as family communication.

To reach Dr. Bold, contact Roy Kron at (940) 898-3456 or at

Nursing To Be One Of The Hottest Occupations During Next Five Years

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that nursing will be the fastest-growing occupation over the next five years. A Texas Woman's University professor who has conducted research on recruitment and retention of nurses can speak to the media about what's behind the nursing shortage and what's being done to attract new nurses.

Dr. K. Lynn Wieck is an associate professor of nursing and director of research at TWU's Houston campus. She also is the president of the Texas Nurses Association, and has spoken throughout the country on the topic of nursing recruitment and retention.

Dr. Wieck believes the shortage of registered nurses is compounded by several factors, including increased demand as people live longer and nurses leaving the profession due to retirement and frustrations without new nurses to take their places.

Dr. Wieck points to statewide and national efforts to address the shortage: The Texas Legislature pumped more than $12 million into nursing education this past biennium. Federal legislation is being focused on scholarships and loan forgiveness programs. However, she says, the big crisis is in competing for the best and the brightest of the youngsters entering college. Research shows that they want to start at the top, avoid long hours and have fun on the job. "We are working with hospitals and education programs throughout the U.S. to redesign nursing to make it more user-friendly to this emerging workforce," she said.

To reach Dr. Wieck, contact Karen Treat at (940) 898-3456 or

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