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TWU Professor Offers Seminar On Grief And The Holidays


DENTON — The holidays can be tough on those who have lost a loved one. A traditional time of celebration may become a time to “get through” or avoid altogether.

Dr. Susan Adams, an assistant professor of counseling and development at Texas Woman’s University, will present a seminar on dealing with grief during the holidays Monday, Dec. 6 in the Multipurpose Classroom and Laboratory (MCL) Building auditorium, located on Bell Avenue on TWU’s Denton campus. The presentation will be from 7 to 9 p.m. and is free and open to the public. For more information, call (940) 898-2685.

Adams said that while the seminar is offered during the Christmas season, any holiday can be difficult for those who have suffered a loss. The purpose of the seminar is to give survivors the tools to cope with the loss, she said.

The seminar will include activities that invite audience members to remember loved ones who have died. Those attending may place their loved one’s name on a tapestry, place an ornament on a tree or simply choose to reflect during a special part of the presentation. Participation is voluntary.

Adams said she will present ways in which people can remember their loved ones in their family celebrations.

“I find in working with people who are grieving that they have a tendency to want to keep things the way they were. In doing that, they end up corrupting the memory,” she said. For example, if Grandpa always read the Christmas story, other family members may resent the person chosen to take on that role after Grandpa is gone.

“Many times, people feel that if they let go of their sadness, they will lose the memory,” Adams said. “They often get stuck in their grief.”

Others, however, may try to avoid the holidays altogether. Adams cautions against trying to run from the pain, saying one of her goals in this seminar is to “help people understand that we have to deal with our pain. The further away we try to push it, the more it may become our focal point.

“I want to help people find appropriate ways to remember their loved ones and appropriate ways to continue living without becoming stuck in their grief.”

Adams and students from counseling and development will be available after the seminar for those who want to talk.


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