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TWU offers Science, Society and Sustainability Certificate Program for students


DENTON — Texas Woman’s University now is offering a Certificate in Science, Society and Sustainability for TWU upper-division undergraduate students.

“Many careers today – whether in science, business, government or other areas – require expertise in issues related to sustainability,” said Dr. Richard Sheardy, professor and chair of the TWU department of chemistry and biochemistry. “By offering this trans-disciplinary certificate for students, TWU is meeting the market’s demands for students well-versed in sustainability and how it applies across many academic and professional areas.”

Dr. Sheardy defines sustainability as using resources to meet the needs of today without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to be able to the same. He says the goal of TWU’s new sustainability certificate program is integrate the principles and values of sustainable practices into all aspects of education and learning so students have the necessary skills to address the social, economic, legal, cultural and environmental problems in the new millennium.

To receive a Certificate in Science, Society and Sustainability, TWU students will take 15 to 18 hours of approved courses in science, history, government, arts, the humanities and business. Students also must complete a capstone project on civic engagement. Most classes that qualify for the certificate program also apply to students’ core classes and/or major requirements. Therefore, most students should not have to add hours to their degree plan to receive this certificate.

TWU is offering the first course in the certificate program during fall 2011. The course, titled “Community Conversation in Sustainability,” qualifies as a science, government or business course. The university expects the first cohort to receive a Certificate in Science, Society and Sustainability in spring 2012.

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