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TWU professor says time is a good gift during bad economy


DENTON — News of the struggling economy seems to drown out the sounds of Christmas these days, but families can still have a happy holiday season by giving the gift of themselves.

Dr. Shann Hwa Hwang, associate professor of family sciences at Texas Woman’s University, said families still can use either their time or money to contribute to the economy. However, he said, with the current economic conditions, “maybe time will be more feasible.”

Time spent giving to others can be a precious gift: A family goes to a nursing home to sing and talk with residents; youth go to a shelter to serve a meal for the homeless; making phone calls to friends and family members. All these actions require giving more of ourselves and our time, but can mean so much more to others.

Families also may use free online e-cards to send their holiday greetings to friends and relatives. “This is a great way to maintain and nurture important relationships during economic downturns,” Dr. Hwang said.

Children also can learn a valuable lesson during tough economic times.

“It’s important for parents to model behavior for their children,” Dr. Hwang said. “We need to teach them that if there’s a family in need, we can do something to help — maybe something as simple as sending a card or preparing a meal.”

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