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TWU offers holiday budget tips


DENTON – Families can reduce the financial stress associated with holiday shopping by following a few basic tips, says Texas Woman’s University’s Paula Ann Hughes, professor and director of TWU’s School of Management.

“This holiday season, finding extra money for the holidays beyond standard monthly expenses may pose an extra challenge,” Dr. Hughes said. “Spending too much money on gifts, decorations and other items can add to a family’s already stressed budget.”

Here are some tips for budgeting for a successful holiday:

• Set a limit of what you can spend this holiday season and arrange price limits for gifts with your family. Draw names or agree to “children only” gifts.
• Try to only use cash for purchases, so that you don’t find yourself in credit card debt.
• Check out store promotions or special sales, but make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions. Search clearance racks for sale items.
• Don’t wait until the last minute. Give yourself time to compare prices. With the tight economy and low consumer confidence, many retailers are offering lower prices to attract business.
• When shopping online, try to find specials with free shipping. Order early to avoid premium-shipping charges.
• Shop alone. A tired spouse or child may encourage you to impulsively buy some items so the family can get home sooner.
• Some of the best gifts are “priceless,” so be creative with your gifts. Consider giving homemade items or personalized gifts or offer items of service, such as babysitting as alternative gifts.
• Instead of giving gifts to friends, have a potluck holiday gathering with the “white elephant gift exchange.”
• Eliminate coworker gift giving by sponsoring a needy family or have everyone bring a DVD to exchange.

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