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TWU Regents approve faculty promotions and tenure


DENTON – The Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents approved promotions and tenure recommendations at its quarterly meeting June 4.

Associate professors Dr. Sandra Cesario (nursing – Houston), Dr. Margaret Compton (reading), Dr. Melinda Cowart (teacher education), Dr. Peggy Gleeson (physical therapy – Houston), Dr. Victorine Imrhan (nutrition/food sciences), Dr. Ann Malecha (nursing – Houston), Dr. Peggy Mancuso (nursing – Dallas), Dr. Toni Roddey (physical therapy – Houston) and Dr. Debbie Tapler (nursing – Dallas) were promoted to professor.

Assistant professor Dr. R. Eileen McElrath (library science), professor Dr. Joyce Rademacher (teacher education) and associate professor Dr. Terry Senne (kinesiology) were awarded tenure.

Assistant professors Dr. Gina Anderson (teacher education), Dr. Kathy DeOrnellas (psychology/philosophy), Dr. Jane Grassley (nursing), Dr. Katy Mitchell (physical therapy – Houston), Dr. Debra Mollen (psychology/philosophy), Dr. Joel Muro (family sciences), Dr. Junalyn Navarra-Madsen (mathematics/computer science), Ms. Tanya Synar (visual arts), Dr. Abigail Tilton (sociology/social work) and Dr. Bogum Yoon (family sciences) were promoted to associate professor and granted tenure. Assistant professor Dr. Christian Hart (psychology/philosophy) also was named an associate professor.

Assistant clinical professors Ms. Rupal Patel (physical therapy – Houston), Ms. Lizabeth Spoonts (dental hygiene), Ms. Sally Lambert (nursing – Dallas) and Ms. Nancy McMenamy (nursing – Dallas) were promoted to associate clinical professor. Lecturer II Dr. Lynda Peebles (business) was promoted to senior lecturer.

Several retiring faculty were awarded emeritus status by the Regents. Dr. Shirley Hutchinson (nursing), Dr. Kathlyn Reed (occupational therapy) and Dr. Carol Thomas (teacher education) were named professor emerita, and Dr. Allen Waldo (biology) was named professor emeritus.

Addendum: The Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents granted Karen Lyon tenure during its quarterly meeting Aug. 20.

Karen Lyon, Ph.D., APRN, MBA, CNS, NEA is a professor of nursing and associate dean of the Texas Woman's University Nelda C. Stark College of Nursing in Houston.

Dr. Lyon's name was inadvertently left off the list for the June meeting.

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