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Explore the arts on TWU Arts Triangle Walking Tour April 9


DENTON — Area residents are invited to explore the spaces where the arts happen during a tour of Texas Woman’s University’s Denton campus.

TWU’s School of the Arts will host the second TWU Arts Triangle Walking Tour from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, April 9.  The tour, which is free and open to the public, will begin at the Dance-Gymnastic Laboratory Building (DGL), located on the northeast corner of Bell Avenue and Administration Drive.  TWU dance, drama, art and music students will perform at various locations as the tour continues through the campus before ending with a reception and free refreshments in the Fine Arts Building.

For a map of the Denton campus, visit www.twu.edu/maps.asp.  For more information about the tour, visit www.twu.edu/triangle or call 940-898-2086.

Highlighting this year’s tour is Shua Group from New York, featuring Joshua Bissett and Laura Quattrochi as they direct students and participants in two audience-interactive experiments.

The tour will begin with students from the TWU Dance Department performing multiple concurrent pieces outside the Dance Building.  Performances include Crysta Caulkins and Matt Cumbie’s “Dance in a Car” and Shelley Padilla’s solo ballet piece on pointe.  Following the performances, the audience will enter the Dance Studio Theatre to experience an installation piece by Jordan Fuchs, TWU assistant professor of dance, and John Dixon, visiting dance artist.

Across Bell Avenue, TWU assistant professor of music Dr. Todd Schendel and the TWU Wind Ensemble will perform “Durational Experiments with Time, Space and Sound” before the audience continues toward Redbud Theatre for two performances from the drama department’s Potluck Playfest. As the Stomach Churns” satirizes the American soap opera and all that goes on backstage.

As the tour moves forward, it will pass under the ACT bridge where TWU’s Gamelan will play, its percussive sounds reverberating under and around the area.

The tour continues to the Patio Building where “In Moving Color,” a multi-disciplinary collaborative piece by TWU painting professor Gary Washmon, will feature an event that uses people with painting implements to paint a giant canvas.  Following along Redbud Lane, the tour passes by various sculptures and concurrent performances from dance and drama, including “The Garage Tale.”

The highlight of the tour will feature audience interactive experiments “Fill” and “Crowded Action,” directed by visiting guest artists Joshua Bissett and collaborator Laura Quattrochi of Shua Group, New York.

“Fill” will take place at Pioneer Circle.  At the center of “Fill” is the cardboard box, a familiar but often overlooked object.  “Fill” transforms the identity of the box into building blocks for sculpture through a participatory installation performance.

The tour ends with a free reception in the Fine Arts Building with a performance by TWU’s 50-member a cappella choir and the Shua Group’s “Crowded Action,” a subtle play with the movement of a crowd – its attention, its direction, and the identity of performers and spectators is unclear.



Media Contact:

Karen Garcia
Senior Writer
Tel: (940) 898-3456
e-mail: kgarcia@twu.edu

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