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Instructions for Sending a Graduation Hometown Press Release

  1. Download the TWU Spring 2015 Graduation Press Release Template for Houston (word, pdf) or Denton (word, pdf.)
  2. Using the template guidelines, add the appropriate information about yourself that you would like to publish. Be sure to include the reasons why you are sending to that newspaper (hometown, spouse’s hometown, grandparents’ hometown, etc.).
  3. Perform spelling and grammar checks on the release. (Neither the graduate nor the university will look good to the newspaper if they receive a press release with spelling and/or grammar errors.)
  4. Select the newspaper(s) to which you wish to send the press release and obtain their contact information. HINT: Most newspapers have websites. Visit a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type in the newspaper’s information. You can obtain the appropriate contact information from the newspaper’s website. Some newspapers have online forms where you can submit the information. You also can use the phone book or information to find the newspaper’s phone number or physical address.
  5. Send the release to the newspaper(s) of your choice.
  6. DISCLAIMER: Sending a press release announcing your graduation to your local newspaper(s) does not guarantee publication. Newspapers are under no obligation to publish anything sent to them, either by an individual or the university.
  7. Graduates, family and friends should monitor their local newspapers for publication of your announcement.
  8. Please note that sending a graduation announcement press release to your local newspaper is free. Some newspapers also may sell space for printing graduation announcements. It is up to the graduate to decide whether to pay for this announcement.


For more information contact:
Karen Garcia
Senior Copywriter
Tel: (940) 898-3456

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