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Department Brochure Guidelines

The Marketing and Communication office produces informational brochures about academic departments and programs, which are used for recruiting undergraduate and graduate students. During the academic year, Marketing and Communication will pay for a single printing of up to 1,000 brochures. (Reprints within the academic year are the responsibility of the department.)  

Departments may select designs for covers and inside pages from a family of templates that complement the university’s other recruitment materials. 

Creating or reprinting a department brochure:

  • Select templates for cover and inside pages. (See Department Brochure Templates)
  • If you are have more than one department or program brochure, we strongly suggest that you select a different cover template for each. The inside pages may be identical.
  • Complete initial text (500-700 words, depending on the template). If you have only minor revisions to an existing brochure, those revisions should be marked in red on a copy of the brochure.

  • A new brochure or extensive revisions to an existing brochure must be completed in a Word file, with hard copy printout. Assistance with editing or rewriting is available from Marketing and Communication if needed.

  • Photographs may be included in department brochures. Select a cover and/or inside template which use photos. The photos may be classroom, lab or program activity photos. Portraits of students or faculty may not be used.

    • Submitted photos should be in 4-color, a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and at least 3 x 5 in. in size.

    • Departments are welcome to select photos from the Marketing and Communication photo archive. To select a photo from the Marketing and Communication archive, please contact Holly Nelson at or 940-898-3456 to schedule an appointment to view the archives. Please allow 48 hours for Holly to copy the photos and send them to you via CD, email or other method.

  • Once you have selected a template, completed the text and/or selected photos, contact Printing Services to schedule a client meeting and begin the job. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for formatting, proofing, printing and delivery.

  • You will have the opportunity to review and comment on any changes made to your brochure by Marketing and Communication. Once the text and layout have been approved, any further changes will delay delivery.

  • You will be asked to review and sign off on the completed brochure prior to printing.

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