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Graduation Hometown Press Releases Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 09 Graduation Press Release Available
Feb. 1, 2010





Fall 09 Graduation Press Release Template
Available Feb. 1, 2010



Please note that this is NOT the site to apply to graduate from TWU. To apply to graduate, please visit the registrar's office in ADM 128, go to www.twu.edu/registrar/graduation.asp or call 940-898-3036.

Graduation Hometown Press Release FAQ

1. Why won’t the TWU Marketing and Communication Department send a press release to my hometown newspaper for me?

TWU's Marketing and Communication department is sending one press release to newspapers in Texas and other hometowns of TWU graduates that are out of state. The press release will list information about TWU’s Fall 09 commencement and list all TWU graduates (except for those who have marked their records private through the registrar’s office) in a table format.

TWU graduates are welcome to send their own press release to the newspaper(s) of their choice using the TWU Fall 2009 Graduation Template, available Feb. 1, 2010.

The department doesn’t have the resources available to send an individual press release to the hometowns of each student expected to graduate in December.

2. Can I send my own press release to the newspapers I choose?

Yes. Please follow the instructions outlined on the Sending a Graduation Hometown Press Release Instructions page.

3. Why do I have to wait until after Feb. 1, 2010 to send the press release? Isn’t that after graduation?

You are not officially graduated from the university until grades are turned in, and the TWU Registrar’s Office determines that you have graduated. This is why you don’t receive your diploma until a few weeks after graduation.

Feb. 1 , 2010 is the anticipated date the TWU Marketing and Communication department will have received the table of December 2009 graduates from the Registrar’s office and will send one press release to newspapers in Texas and other hometowns of TWU graduates.

TWU’s Marketing and Communication department recommends that graduates send their personalized press release to their chosen newspapers by Feb. 8, 2010 to ensure timely publication.

4. I checked the TWU December 2009 Graduation Press Release and my name isn’t on the list. Why?

Check with the TWU Registrar’s Office to see why your name was left off the list. It could be that you are marked “private” (as in you didn’t want your information released to anyone) and therefore weren’t included in the information that the Registrar’s Office sent to the Marketing and Communication Department.

5. How do I find the contact information for the newspaper(s) to send a press release?

Most newspapers have their own websites. Visit a search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in the newspaper’s information. From the newspaper’s website you can obtain the appropriate contact information. Some newspapers have online forms where you can submit the information. You also can use the phone book or call information to find the newspaper’s phone number or physical address.

6. I have sent an announcement to my hometown newspaper and it didn’t publish the information. Why?

Sending a press release announcing your graduation to your local newspaper(s) does not guarantee publication. Newspapers are under no obligation to publish anything sent to them, whether it is by an individual or the university. You also may wish to call the newspaper to ask why the announcement hasn’t been published.

7. How will I know if the newspaper published my announcement?

Graduates, family and friends should monitor their local newspaper for publication of your announcement. The TWU Marketing and Communication department is not able to do this for you. You can also call the newspaper to ask when/if the announcement will be published.

8. The newspaper wants to verify that I graduated from TWU. Where should I send them?

Send them to the TWU press release website at www.twu.edu/twunews/press_releases/press-release-directory.htm and have them reference the TWU December 2009 Graduation Press Release, once it is posted (after Feb. 1, 2010.)


For more information contact:
Karen Garcia
Senior Copywriter
Tel: (940) 898-3456
e-mail: kgarcia@twu.edu

Page last updated November 10, 2009

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