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TWU Arts Triangle Walking Tour 2013 Arts Triangle Walking Tour Map (click for larger version) Map of the Arts Triangle 2014 Walking Tour route

TWU Arts Triangle
Walking Tour

THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 2014, 5:00 - 7:00 PM
:: Artwork, Dance, Drama, Music Performances ::

TWU Arts Triangle Walking Tour map (PDF)

Explore the spaces where the arts happen at TWU. Free tour begins at the Ann Stuart Science Complex and ends with a reception at the Music Building. Join us Thursday, April 3rd as we explore the metaphorical, experiential, wondrous and playful possibilities of light and optics with guest artist Rebecca Cummins.

The tour will begin at Ann Stuart Science Complex, Room 259, for a lecture by guest artist, Rebecca Cummins.

Next, the tour moves down the stairs and through the Science Building's Foyer to see Light and Optic Installation pieces along with multiple concurrent Dance and Music performances.

Moving out of the front of the Science Building and North along Redbud Lane toward the Patio Building, the tour stops at benches along the route to experience both Music and Drama performances. Participants will also encounter drawn tracings and words that describe the qualities of light.

As the crowd continues North toward the Patio Building, the audience is invited to participate in a Tracing Station and trace shadows of dancers or friends in chalk outside ASB.

Moving along the path, turning left to the Patio Building, participants will experience a Music, Dance and Art performance piece. Afterward, the audience will be invited to participate with camera obscuras, graduate studio “peepholes” and other installations.

After the performance, the audience will move through the Patio Building to the ASB Courtyard for a Drama performance.

Leaving the ASB Courtyard, participants will be led back to Redbud lane and southward, back to the Music Building for a choir performance followed by a reception with refreshments in the foyer of the Music Building.

More Information
For a map of the Denton campus, visit For more information about the tour, call (940) 898-2086.