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Texas Woman’s University is committed to building a high-performance culture that encourages individuals to seek opportunities for professional growth and enrichment. 

State Mandated Training

State law requires state employees to receive supplemental Ethics training every year and supplemental Equal Employment Opportunity and Preventing Sexual Harassment training every two years.

Both State Mandated Trainings are available by signing in to Portal and going to My Tools.

Please encourage all of your employees to have State Mandated Training completed by every year if applicable. If you have employees that do not have computer access, notify Melissa Ozuna so that classes can be scheduled. All TWU Employees should complete the Ethics Training. If you are unsure when someone in your department completed the EEO Training, contact us at and we will send you the information.

Do you have a suggestion for a future training class? We would enjoy hearing from you! Please email your ideas to

Employment Law Leadership Conference
Mandatory for all those who supervise at TWU.

Excellence in Customer Service
TWU Philosophy. Included in New Employee Orientation.

NEO Payroll Presentation
For all new employees. Included in New Employee Orientation.

New Employee Orientation
Orientation is required for all new employees. All new and returning employees must attend an orientation within 30 days of employment. 

Creating and Sustaining a Diverse and Inclusive Culture at Texas Woman’s University  
Presentation for University Leadership - required training for all supervisors.

State Mandated EEO/Sexual Harassment Training  
Required supplemental training for all TWU Employees. (Every 2 years
To access training, log in to your Portal and select My Tools, then 2015 Online Training. Please contact Melissa Ozuna  for more information.

State Mandated Ethics Training 
Required supplemental training for all TWU Employees (Yearly). 
To access training, log in to your Portal and select My Tools, then 2015 Online Training. Please contact Melissa Ozuna for more information.

Performance Evaluation System 
All regular staff members should be reviewed annually.

2016 Spring Supervisory Training
The Supervisory Training Program started on April 7, and ended April 28, 2016. If you missed one or more sessions you can make them up online by listening to the audio presentation and completing a short online questionnaire.
Contact Melissa Ozuna if you have any questions.

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