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Before You Begin

Windows Phone 7 allows you to sync Exchange email, calendar, and contacts. You should choose to sync options that work for you.
Please review the following information to understand how these options will affect you.

Email- Select Email to sync your Exchange email.

Allows you to send and receive Exchange email.

Allows you to send and receive Exchange meeting invitations.

Contacts- Select Contacts to sync your Exchange contacts.

Allows you to access your contacts in Exchange.

New Exchange contacts you create on Windows Phone 7 are synced with Exchange and are then available in Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA).

Recommended for some Exchange users. If you maintain an up-to­date list of contacts in Outlook or OWA and you want access to those contacts on Windows Phone 7, then you should sync contacts.

Calendar- Select Calendar to sync your Exchange calendar.

Allows you to access your Exchange calendar.

Allows you to create appointments on your Exchange calendar.

Allows you to create and receive meeting invitations on your Exchange calendar.

Recommended for all Exchange users.

Configure Windows Phone for Google Mail

Follow these instructions to sync your TWU Google Mail with your Android device.

Configure Windows Phone 7 for Exchange

To configure Windows Phone 7 for Exchange, do the following:
1. Do one of the following:

If you have a tile named Email setup on the home screen, press Email setup. Then skip to step 6.

Otherwise, follow the steps below.

2. Press the right arrow button on the home screen to view the app list.

3. Press Settings.

4. Press Email & Accounts.

5. Press Add an Account.

6. Press Advanced Setup.

7. Enter your email address in the Email address field.

- Your email address is: [your Pioneer Portal username]

8. Enter your password in the Password field.

9. Press Next.

10. Press Exchange ActiveSync.

11. Do the following:

- In the Domain field enter "pioneer" if you are a student or "fs" if you are Faculty/Staff.
Enter in the Server field.
Make sure there is a check mark next to Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection.
Change the Account name to Exchange. (This will be the name of your Exchange email tile.)

12. You may make the following optional changes, as desired:

By default, Windows Phone 7 will retrieve email messages that are three days old (or newer). To change this setting, press the Download email from field and select a new time interval. To synchronize all Exchange email with your device, select any time.

By default, Windows Phone 7 will synchronize Exchange email,
contacts, and calendar. If you use Exchange calendar, you should also choose to sync Exchange email.

13. When you are done, press Sign ln.

Your Windows Phone is now configured for TWU's Exchange email.

page last updated 3/8/2016 3:42 PM