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Monday, August 14
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Dallas Campus: IHSD 1010
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Denton Campus: ACT 301
Dallas Campus: IHSD 1010
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Reservations and Information

Reserve your room

Due to changes in the Net Simplicity system, to be able to log-in you must click the check box "Allow to enter credentials," and then log-in as normal.

Room Reservations

User Log-ins 

Log-in to the reservation system using the username and password supplied by the Student Union Office. If you do not have a username, call 940-898-3641 or email Jasmine Wiley or Melanie Baker.

The first time you login you will be prompted to change your password and input a valid email address. Registered student organizations will be given an organization user name and are asked not to change the “full name” listed; please keep it as the organization name.

After Hours Policy

Office hours are listed to the left. If you reserve outside of these hours, your reservation will be assessed attendant fees and will be subject to an attendant being available to work. Reservations made outside our office hours should be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

Set-up & Equipment

The Union has media carts with computers and projectors, as well as sound systems, extensions cords and other equipment available for use inside the Student Union. Please enter those requests when making the reservation.

If you require setup- especially specialized setups in Student Union 113, 207, or the Purple Lobby- please enter that information when completing your reservation. If no information is entered, setups will be completed at our discretion.

  • Room Views & Dimensions
    This link provides pictures of rooms available for reservations in the Union, along with dimensions and room capacities.
  • Room Rates
  • Special Event Form This form must be filled out if attendance is expected to be 100 or more people. This needs to be turned in for approval at least 30 days prior to the event date. Need for security officers will then be determined by the Large Event Committee.
  • Approved Caterers This document outlines the Student Union policy regarding catering food. These are the only caterers permitted in Hubbard Hall, Greenhouse, Student Union, and the Gertrude Gibson House.
  • Policies and Procedures This document outlines all policies and related information for room reservations made with the Student Union.
  • Cancellation Policy for all Student Union reservations.
  • No Show Policy This document outlines the Student Unions policy regarding "failure to show" for reservations. This includes all reservation types and expresses the Student Unions expectations regarding adherence to the reservation schedule.

Vendor & Bake Sale Reservations

  • Outside Vendor Reservation
    Please contact 940-898-3641 for log-in information. Payment will need to be submitted to the Union prior to the reservation date via credit card over the phone, check, or cash.
  • Vendor Reservation Policy Guidelines related to vendor areas within and around the Student Union.
  • Bake Sale policies and procedures. This document outlines the items that can be sold and the elements that need prior approval before a bake sale can be held in the Student Union.

If you are selling anything, please describe your items in your reservation. This allows us to limit the number of vendors selling similar items.

Bake sales must sell homemade items and cannot sell items sold by Aramark or the TWU Bookstore. You may be asked to remove items that were not listed on your form. Only one bake sale per day is permitted, and any bake sale host must obtain prior approval before the requested date.

Free Speech Area

The free speech area, located on the west side of the Union, is an open space for students, faculty, and staff to voice their personal opinions via a verbal or non-verbal format. The Union office does not regulate what happens in the area. However, groups are requested to sign up to utilize the space.

Exterior Shot of the TWU Student Union

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