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$30,000 plus tuition & fees for fine arts, humanities and social science graduate study


  • financial need
  • Any fine arts (dance, visual, music performance, literature, theory, composition; theatre arts playwriting, screenwriting, acting) graduate major in a terminal graduate degree program
  • History, Rhetoric, Sociology, Psychology
    • Either new grad, entering TWU fall 2007 OR
    • Current grad in 1st yr, (Fall 07 = start of 2nd yr)
    • Current grad in 2nd yr of study do NOT qualify

Application due in late September 2007/early October

Students must demonstrate:

  1. superior ability & achievement (must have GRE scores on file)
  2. exceptional promise (supporting materials/ slides submitted on CD)
  3. financial need (must have FAFSA on file)

Scoring (400 pts)

  • Statement of purpose (100 pts)
  • Letters of rec (100 pts)
  • Academic record (50 pts)
  • Scholarly awards/ honors (50 pts)
  • Supporting arts materials (100 pts)

        Javits Website:

        Committee contact information:

        Amy O'Keefe (

        John Weinkein (

        Mary Williford-Shade (

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