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SLDF Reimbursements

·  Fall SLDF applications are due November 29, 2016 at 5:00pm

Student Leadership Development Fund Application (PDF)

The Student Organizations Council also manages the Student Leadership Development Fund. This fund helps provide students of chartered organizations the opportunity to further their knowledge in leadership by participating in local and national conferences and workshops. 

FACT:  The purpose of the Student Leadership Development Fund is to help provide students of chartered organizations the opportunity to further their knowledge of leadership by participating in leadership, research, or competitive conferences and activities. 

FACT:  The fund is a REIMBURSEMENT and helps reimburse students for items such as conference registration fees, lodging for conference travel dates, and transportation to and from the event. Original receipts must be submitted with the application to be considered for reimbursement. (Mileage may be documented by using MapQuest internet mapping and providing a printout.)

 FACT:  All chartered student organizations who have a SUCCESSFUL* charter with the Center for Student Development, who have financial need, and whose organization representative has attended at least 4 out of 6 of the previous semester’s House meetings  before the submission of an application, is eligible to apply.

 FACT:  The maximum amount to request is $500 for an organization per semester.

 FACT:  We may be able to fund all or partial monies for your event. The size and number of people who will benefit from reimbursement will be taken into consideration as well as the nature of the event. A period of thirty days should be expected before reimbursement can possibly occur.

 FACT:  The completed application and ALL applicable materials such as receipts, flyers, or programs for the event must be submitted after the completion of an event. The Student Organizations Council Treasurer will review the applications and applicants will receive written notification of approval or denial for reimbursement. The application should be submitted in the same semester as the event.

FACT: Student Organizations Council reserves the right to distribute checks to organizations only and may refuse to distribute checks to individual members for liability purposes.

FACT: Due to the academic schedule, no applications will be reviewed in December or May for reimbursement. Applications will be accepted in June and July for summer reimbursement.

 * Organizations must have turned in a Student Organization Charter Renewal or Application and have the organization’s current constitution and bylaws on record with the Center for Student Development.

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