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All Student Organizations must abide by TWU Policies and Procedures. Please visit the following links for specific guidelines and information.

Student Union Policies and Procedures
Here you will find all policies for space reservations, vendor reservations and bake sales.

Conference Services Policies and Procedures
If you are looking for information about using a campus facility other than the Student Union this website will have all the details. Specific information regarding campus catering and rentals can also be found here. 

Catering List (doc)
This document is an approved list of all caterers that may provide services in with Hubbard Hall, Greenhouse, and the Student Union

Large Event Form (pdf)
TWU policy states that any event with more than 99 people present requires approval from the Large Event Committee.

TWU 2014-2015 Student Handbook (pdf)
A wonderful resource for students, faculty and staff is the student handbook. The following pages have great information for student organizations:
        Center for Student
        Leadership 112
        Student 112
        Conference 119
        Student 130-131
        Alcohol and Drug Policy and 170-171
        Nondiscrimination Policy
        Free Speech
        Large Event
        Distribution and Posting of Printed

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