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Consistent and attentive attendance is vital to academic success, and is expected of all students. Grades are determined by academic performance, and instructors may give students written notice that attendance related to specific classroom activities is required and will constitute a specific percentage of students' grades.

Instructors are strongly encouraged to keep a record of student attendance. They should note absences due to documented student illness, serious illness or death in the student's immediate family, pregnancy or pregnancy related conditions, official school activity, state-recognized religious holiday, active military service that is of a reasonable brief duration, or other verified absences deemed appropriate by the instructor. Students must consult with instructors regarding the completion of make-up work.

Absences do not exempt students from academic requirements. Excessive absences, even if documented, may result in a student failing the course.   An incomplete may be granted according to the stipulations in the catalog, if the student has a passing grade, but only if the instructor determines that it is feasible for the student to successfully complete remaining assignments after the semester. Pursuant to university policy, such determinations are within the discretion of the instructor.

All excused absences required documentation (physician note or obituaries) for absences within 30 days of the absences.

Please note that a documented absence does not preclude a student from still being responsible for assigned work or test. It is the student's responsibility to contact the professor.

The Attendance Form can be returned to the Student Life Office on the Denton, Dallas, or Houston Campus.

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