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Spring Orientation 2016

We are delighted you have chosen TWU as an "academic home" for the next few years while you augment your knowledge base and career path.  Being part of the TWU family, we are confident this academic environment, nestled in the midst of the Texas Medical Center, will ignite your potential to be of greater service in the Health Science community.

New Student Guide
As you make preparations to begin classes at this Institute of Health Sciences, take the opportunity to peruse the New Student Guide. This small booklet introduces newcomers to TWU, and describes how operations unfold here at the Houston site.

Orientation Registration for Spring 2016

Orientation is structured specifically for individuals who have been accepted not only into TWU, but also into a specific academic program at the Houston site and will be starting classes in this stated semester. If this applies to you, please accept our invitation to REGISTER for ORIENTATION using this on-line form.  More information about the various Orientations offered are noted below for your perusal.  Questions can be directed to Deborah Unruh with the Office of Student Life at 713-794-2157 or

Orientation Opportunities

Orientation Check-In

Tasks to consider before the initial day of classes include:
tuition and class fees by 6p the Friday before that respective semester begins,
*register for classes on-line by 5p the Friday before that respective semester begins,
*speak one-on-one with staff in the Registrar’s Office (1st floor, Enrollment Services),
*inquire more about Financial Aid (1st floor, Enrollment Services),
*follow up with your academic advisor,
*obtainTWU ID Badge (through Student Life, accomplished during Orientation) 
*securelocker (through Student Life),
*upload remaining immunization records to
*review student health insurance possibilities (TWU has a relationship with Academic HealthPlans), 
*purchase textbooks (many options online or at Follett UTSHC Nursing Bookstore),
*make arrangements for a parking contract &/or public transportation,
*get familiar with the Texas Medical Center (optional tours of the TMC are given during Orientation and in the first few weeks of classes),
*sign up to receive notifications from Pioneer Alert, a system that can deliver emergency messages from our University Department of Public Safety (DPS) to campus personnel via text, email, phone (or campus computer for faculty/staff).

Fall 2016 Orientations

  • International Student Orientation ~ Wednesday, August 24th, 2016.
  • General Graduate Student Orientation for D.P.T., M.O.T., Master's of Science in Nutrition as well as PhD Nursing and DNP Students ~ Thursday, August 25th, 2016.  Please NOTE:  PhD Nursing and DNP Students will be scheduled for a half day Orientation; the last session will be as a group with Dr. Cesario.
  • General Undergraduate Student Orientation ~ Friday, August 26th, 2016.  Undergraduate Nursing students will be expected to attend both the Nursing Specific Orientation (conducted separately with Barb Baudler and Rochelle Schultz) on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 as well as the General Undergraduate Student Orientation held Friday, August 26th,, 2016. 
  • Evening and Weekend Student Orientation ~ Saturday, August 27th, 2016.  Graduate Students of the Executive Master of Business Administration, Health Care Administration, Library and Infomation Studies, as well as Master level Nursing programs (NP). 

*For further information regarding Orientation, please contact Deborah Unruh with the Office of Student Life at 713-794-2157 or

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