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Redbud Awards – a Celebration of Thanksgiving

It is important to say "thank you".Walking through the doors of TWU, each of us travels a pathway uniquely crafted to our individual road in life.  Many of us are quite fortunate to experience those individuals/organizations whose paths intersect with ours and leave us somewhat in “awe” of their remarkable contributions ~ the incredible difference they have made in the life of the community.  The Redbud Awards are about expressing our gratitude to those myriad of individuals who have touched our lives in significantly memorable ways.

As you continue through your journey as a student at TWU, pause...take a moment and reflect...Search the landscape of your experience for those individuals as well as organizations that have captured your heart and imagination with their creativity, dedication, leadership and quality of service.  We would all like to take part in recognizing their accomplishments…

Redbud Award Recipients

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