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Event Planning

Plan Ahead!
Well before each semester begins, reserve meeting/activity/event rooms/areas.  Attend to requests for specific equipment needs in advance.

Check List IN BRIEF - all form submissions must be made to The Office of Student Life

*30 Days in Advance:  submit "Dallas & Houston Facility Reservation Form"; must have advisor signature;

*30 Day in Advance:  complete "Special Event Form"; activity/meeting with 100 persons or more;; submit with room request form

*7 Days in Advance:  submit "Legacy Room Request"; must have advisor signature;  
Legacy Room Request Form 

*7 Days in Advance:  registered student organizations need to submit email to Student Life requesting tables and chairs in an area (for example, on the first floor in front of the elevator cab lobby ) at

*Gentle Reminder:  No meetings or activities (sponsored by registered student organizations) can be scheduled during the last week of classes nor during final exams on the University campus.

*Publicity:  Announcements can be placed on two bulletin boards ONLY:  in the 3rd floor vending area and in The Office of Student Life. 

*No Use of Tape or Other Adhesives is permitted on any surface of the building.

*It is our expectation that you will utilize our facility with care and respect.

Check List IN DETAIL

*Classrooms are encouraged for registered student organization meetings.
  Requests for rooms must be submitted to Student Life 30 days in advance of the scheduled meeting.  NOTE:  The Advisor Signature must be on the form when submitted.  FACILITY RESERVATION REQUEST FORM FOR DALLAS & HOUSTON CAMPUSES 

*Legacy Room
This large open room on the 8th floor is available for functions that are typically hosted with food present.  The Legacy Room Request Form must be submitted to Student Life one week in advance of the event.  Work Orders associated with your event will be requested of Facilities Management by Student Life.  NOTE:  The Advisor Signature must be on the form when submitted.  Please keep in mind that when using The Legacy Room, you are usually displacing others who rely on utilizing this space for study and eating.  We ask that your group be prudent and considerate when requesting this space. 

*Special Event Form
In those instances where anticipated attendance in a meeting/program is 100 persons or more, a Special Event Form must accompany the Facility/Legacy Room/Space Request Form.  Please submit the necessary form a month in advance to allow for review and hopeful approval.  NOTE:  Approval for a Large Event is placed before a University committee for consideration.

*Work Orders for Tables, Chairs, Other Equipment
For registered student organizations needing tables and/or chairs for a particular function (for example, selling baked goods, pizza, T-shirts, tote bags to raise funds), get with Student Life a week in advance so that a Work Order can be placed.  Facilities Management needs minimally a 3 day notice with requests.  Email with the specifics.

*Scheduling Restriction During the Last Two Weeks of Each Semester
Please be advised that registered student organization meetings and programs must be held in days prior to the last week of classes and during final exams.  The University sets these two weeks apart from others each semester for students to focus strictly on preparing for classes.  No requests for space or rooms during these two week will be approved for student organizations.


**Posting areas on campus
There are two bulletin board areas available to registered student organizations for publicizing various activities:  the 3rd floor vending area and within the Student Life Office.  Please present all materials to the Student Life Office that you wish to post.  They will be reviewed, and if approved, stamped, dated, then initialed, and placed on the bulletin boards accordingly.  The 3rd floor public bulletin board is reviewed weekly, and items are cleaned/discarded as appropriate to make way for new material the coming week.

**Use of Tape or Other Adhesives
University Policay is very firm with the use of adhesives and its physical structure.  Nothing is to be taped or affixed to any surface of the building.  Approved bulletin board areas are the only exceptions.

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