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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the TWU Bookstore?

*We do not have a bookstore on campus here at the Houston site.  Follett UTHSC Nursing Bookstore, located only a few blocks from TWU on Bertner Street (*primary site for TWU; required textbooks sold here*) is available for people to actually go and peruse the books on their shelves.  For further information, you are invited to also reference   

*As always, alternative web sites like "", “”, "" and “” also carry numerous textbooks, and many are offered at a very reasonable price.

*There is a bulletin board on the 3rd floor in the vending area that oftentimes posts flyers of individuals selling their textbooks.  Such information is also available many times on Blackboard through your academic department.  Please make sure, when purchasing textbooks from those who have already taken the class, that the same edition of the book is being used in the semester you will be enrolling.

Where can I purchase TWU logo items?

*The TWU Bookstore in Denton offers many of these products for purchase on-line.  Please visit to browse and consider a purchase through that web site. 

*Additionally, we are grateful to be able to host each year a TWU Logo Fair here at the Houston site.  A small “store of logo items” is staged on the 2nd floor across from the Student Life Office.  You are welcome to stop by and shop for those favorite mementos that will hold many remembrances of your time here at TWU.  Please be on the lookout for dates and times as they are determined by the TWU Denton Bookstore and Houston Student Life Office.   

Where is the Lost & Found?

*If you believe you have misplaced or lost a personal item, please contact DPS, either by calling them at 713-794-2222, or meeting them in person by the Information Desk on the 1st floor.  And please don’t be discouraged if your item has not been turned in the first time you ask DPS about it.  Students often don’t have time to take items immediately to DPS, and it is not unusual to find your items with the Security Officers days later.  By-and-large, we have a very close community of students, faculty and staff here at TWU.  Everyone seems to look out for each other, and more likely than not, your lost item will be turned in to DPS.

I am not feeling well, and would like to go to a clinic. Where is the Health Center on Campus? 

*The TWU – Houston site does not have a Health Services Clinic on campus. However, we do have a relationship with the University of Texas Health Services located just one block away at 7000 Fannin, in Suite 1620. It is preferred that you call to make an appointment. The contact number is 713-500-3267 or 713-500-3248.  Please take your TWU ID Badge with you when entering not only the U.T. building, but also the actual clinic itself where you will be treated. They accept most insurance plans.  For further information, you also invited to reference

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and want to submit an absence excuse. What do I do?

*Bring your note from the doctor’s office/hospital to the Student Life Office to be submitted to Deborah Unruh, within 30 days of your absence. Please be advised that a submission doesn’t automatically mean the absence will be “accepted” by your instructor. Student Life verifies the documentation, and will submit correspondence, if all checks out, to your instructor(s) indicating materials supporting your absence have been turned in to this office. It is still the prerogative of the instructor to accept or decline the documented absence. All information submitted to the Office of Student Life is kept strictly confidential. More information can be found on the Absences, Drops and Withdrawals page.

Where is the Library located?

*Unfortunately, there is no library located on the TWU – Houston site. An Academic Resource Center (ARC) is available on the 4th floor in back of the Computer Lab (   It houses materials shared from the various academic departments that are available for students to review.  TWU does pay for membership with the Texas Medical Center Library (TMC Library) located at 1133 John Freeman Boulevard (across from the former location of the TWU – Houston site). This library ( is one of the finest medical libraries in the nation, and TWU students can share with others in the opportunity to check out materials and fully utilize the facility.

*Take your TWU ID badge and TWU email to the TMC Library to obtain your library card(s) that will allow you to check out paper-based books and journal issues. You can register on-line for remote access to electronic data sources at, where you click on Remote Access at the center top of the screen and provide your personal information requested.      

I want to find a place to study. How can I determine which classrooms will be available for the next couple of hours?

*Study rooms are at a premium here at the Houston site. There are four Student Study Rooms on the 3rd floor, used on a first come, first served basis:  3110, 3118, 3120 and 3128. Also in the Academic Resource Center (ARC; located in the back of the Computer Lab on the 4th floor), there is another study room and tables. Students have traditionally “camped out” to study in the table/chair lounge areas on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th floors (Fannin/Holcombe corner of the building), as well as The Legacy Room on the 8th floor (when not reserved).

*Students are invited to use classrooms when not in use. To check the availability before entry, reference "Scheduled Events" on the University Scheduling web page Points of navigation are as follows:

Choose the “Scheduled Events” link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Under “Location”, select “Houston” from the drop down menu.

Under “Building”, check IHSH.

Under “Date”, choose whatever calendar date you are seeking.

Under “Room Type”, select “All Spaces” from the drop down menu.

After all the selections have been made, click on “View Report” on the far right side of the screen.

It will display the reservations that have been secured for that day. If the classroom is empty, you would be able to use it.

Please NOTE:  This will only show classrooms that are in use for a particular day. If a particular classroom is not in use at all for that day, it will not come up as one of the rooms to be reviewed.  The list of rooms for a particular day will only show those that have at least one reservation. Otherwise, they are not included at all.

Advisory: This is not 100% accurate, as there are last minute classroom changes for courses. But is probably 98% on target with what you can expect on any given day.

*The Office of Technology has additionally placed a “Class Schedule” icon on the desktop of each public computer in the building (4th floor Computer Lab, 1st floor Cyber Café, single computer kiosks on each floor located between the ’05 Seminar Rooms and the stairwell) . You are encouraged to check that grid of classes first, then plan a course of study based on what is available. Much frustration can be easily avoided if you choose rooms where you will not be interrupted by a class entrance within the hour. 

Are they any sororities/fraternities on campus?

*Presently, at the TWU – Houston site, we do not have any Greek organizations. If you have an interest in starting such an organization, please get in touch with Deborah Unruh at or 713-794-2157 for the appropriate paperwork.  You will need at least 10 interested people as beginning members, 2 staff/faculty advisors and composed By-Laws.


I’ve got “the munchies”…Where can I get something to eat quickly? 


*There is a Cyber Café located on the 1st floor between the elevator bank and the stairwell.  Items include sandwiches, frozen foods, salads, muffins, bagels, beverages, coffees, smoothies and the like. Hours are 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; 8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Saturday. There are also two vending machine areas located on the 3rd and 6th floors. Each floor has a beverage and snack machine in the same room.

*For those individuals who are looking for places that are within convenient walking distance from TWU, there is a list of "eateries" that would be well worth exploring, both for take out and eating in. Take a moment and peruse the possibilities...Houston - Eateries - TMC Vicinity.  

I would like to have someone review my resume, and maybe even have a mock interview. How do I go about doing that?

*If you would like to have your resume reviewed and critiqued, please email what you have drafted in a Word Document to The Career Services Office requests that you allow 7 business days to receive feedback. For those of you interested in scheduling a mock interview, please contact Career Services at 940-898-2950 (or using one of the campus beige phones, dial 81-2950). It is possible to schedule a telephone mock interview with a staff member from that office, and receive helpful hints as well as encouragement with this practice one-on-one interview. Please be advised there is a Career Resources Library at the Houston site located in the Student Life Office. Materials can be checked out with a student ID. For further information, you are also invited to reference    

I am new on campus. Do I need to have an ID? If so, where can I get one made? Is it necessary for me to wear it all the time I am on campus?

*Whenever you are on campus or in the Texas Medical Center as a TWU student, it is strongly encouraged that you wear your TWU ID badge. Having your badge in plain view on your person assists DPS in recognizing who “belongs” to TWU, and ensures a secure environment wherever you travel in the Medical Center. The Student Life Office on the 2nd floor can create an ID badge for you Monday through Friday, 7:30a – 5:30p.  All that is required is another form of ID that has your name and photo on it, like a Driver’s License. Replacements for ANY reason will be associated with a $25 fee. 

When is the Fitness Center open? 

*Students have access to the Fitness Center anytime the campus is open. You may plan to work out as early as 6a Monday through Friday, and as late as 9:30p during the week. Saturdays have a shortened schedule – from 7a through 6p.  The TWU – Houston site is closed on Sundays. For further information, you are also invited to reference

I want to mail a letter. Is there a postal service on campus?

*Behind Enrollment Services and the Photocopier on the 1st floor, there is a Central Receiving Mail Room. Here you can place already stamped items to be mailed in a bin for the postal service. Our apologies, but postage is not sold at this office or any other place on campus. 

I am really having a hard time studying and getting all my assignments done. Are there any resources available for me? 

*The Counseling Center located on the 2nd floor (past the Fitness Center) has over a hundred handouts in the lobby area on topics ranging from time management and study skills, to procrastination and study efficiency. Numerous other topics are available in their Self Help Materials section. No appointment is necessary to just take a peek at the resources they have. You are encouraged to browse as long as you want, and take with you materials of interest. It is recommended you stop by to just discover for yourself what helpful hints await you on various challenges in life. For a complete list of topics, you are invited to reference page 31 in the New Student Guide (the first link at the top of this Orientation web page).

Our group has to meet to complete our project for class. Can I reserve a room?

*Unfortunately, as an individual or a group of students, you would not be permitted to reserve a room through University channels. You may, however, look at the “Class Schedule” icon on one of the public computer desktops to determine which classrooms would not be in use during your “planned project meeting time”, and choose a classroom to meet in. The ’05 Seminar Rooms (located between the elevator bank and the stairwell) tend to be a convenient size to use for group projects.  However, if they are already occupied with students studying, you can easily use one of the classrooms (not already reserved for class) and gather around a table. Many individuals also use one of the corner lounge table/chair areas found on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th floors (Fannin/Holcombe corner of the building) or even The Legacy Room on the 8th floor.

To check room availability through the University Scheduling web page, highlight this link and follow the instructions below.

  • Choose the “Scheduled Events” link in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • Under “Location”, select “Houston” from the drop down menu.
  • Under “Building”, check IHSH.
  • Under “Date”, choose whatever calendar date you are seeking.
  • Under “Room Type”, select “All Spaces” from the drop down menu.
  • After all the selections have been made, click on “View Report” on the far right side of the screen.
  • It will display the reservations that have been secured for that day.  If the classroom is empty, you would be able to use it.

Please NOTE: This will only show classrooms that are in use for a particular day. If a particular classroom is not in use at all for that day, it will not come up as one of the rooms to be reviewed. The list of rooms for a particular day will only show those that have at least one reservation. Otherwise, they are not included at all.

Advisory: This is not 100% accurate, as there are last minute classroom changes for courses. But is probably 98% on target with what you can expect on any given day.

I am looking for a roommate. Is there a list kept on campus?

*Finding a compatible roommate takes much perseverance, and can be a very sensitive process. A list is indeed kept at the Student Life Office, and you are encouraged to make contact with Deborah Unruh at or 713-794-2157 to place an announcement of space in your residence for a roommate, or as a person coming to campus for the first time, seeking to find someone to share rent with. The lists are kept confidential, and as possibilities for matching present themselves, Student Life will contact both parties to communicate with each other, and explore the possibilities of sharing the same rental space. 

Are there any job positions on campus? How do I find out what is available?

*With TWU – Houston being such a small campus, job positions on site are few and far between. Traditionally, the Financial Aid Office and Student Life Office are made aware of job positions on campus. You are encouraged to get in touch with Jennifer Lewis ( or Deborah Unruh ( to make further inquiries. There is also a listing that is posted on the Student Life web site under “Job Opportunities”.

Our class is about to begin in “X” room and it is locked. Who do I ask to open it? 

*If you are locked out of a room where a class is scheduled to begin shortly, please get in touch with DPS by calling X 2222 on one of the beige phones in the building, or dialing 713-794-2222 from any other phone. Please do NOT make such a request to one of the maintenance staff; they have been directed to not open the doors for anyone.

My ID Badge won’t work in our academic specific lab rooms. What do I do?

*Please take your ID Badge to the Student Life Office and have it checked out. There are a number of possibilities why you might be experiencing some challenges, and the trouble shooting can be accomplished on site. But in most cases, it is a “quick fix” and we can have you on your way within just a few minutes. For further information, you are invited to reference

I need proof of my Immunizations. How can I get it? 

*Log into your Pioneer Portal account
*Click on My Info
*Choose Immunization Info
*TWU SHS Online Student Health (OSH) Information site will give you two options:
First Time Users
Returning Users
*Log in to the OSH web page with the same User Name and Password you have selected for Pioneer Portal
*Click Immunizations noted on the left side of the screen
*Choose Immunization once more
*Use the Print Icon on the right side of the screen to make a hard copy of the shot record for your files/instructors

For further information, you are invited to reference  

Where can I check my email quickly, without going into the Computer Lab?

*Computer Kiosks are located on each floor between the ’05 Seminar Rooms and the stairwell. The first floor area across from the Enrollment Services Office additionally has another six computers available as people are either entering or leaving the building (on the Old Main/Holcombe side).

There are severe weather reports for the Houston area being broadcast on the news. How will I know if the campus will be closed?

*There are a couple of different avenues that have been put in place to make this notification immediate and decisive. A “Pioneer Alert Emergency Notification System” has been put in place for individuals to be notified by text messaging on your cell phone.  Sign-up is free, and there are regular “TEST Text Messages” just to ensure solid communication. Please visit the Pioneer Alert page for more information. Usually, there is also an announcement posted on the main TWU web page as well as the Houston TWU web page if you are able to access it. If you are able to make a phone call, the Campus Closure Emergency Line for Severe Weather Conditions is 713-794-2310. 

*You are additionally encouraged to visit the Main Houston TWU web page at The “Red alert button” links you to various resources that can be well utilized in case of severe weather conditions. 

What are numbers to call in case of an emergency on campus?

*The one phone number to memorize immediately when you step foot on campus for the first time is 713-794-2222. This is the contact number for DPS and can be used for things ranging from opening rooms to reporting an incident.

 *Please be advised that each floor has two sets of phones mounted in prominent places in the hallways. The beige phone allows you to call TWU – Houston offices using the last four digits of a phone number, as well as other TWU campuses using a campus code along with the last four digits of the phone number. For example, if you were interested in contacting the Houston Student Life Office, you can dial 713-794-2157 from your cell phone, or just 2157 from a beige phone. To contact an office like Student Health Services in Denton, a cell phone can be used to dial 940-898-3826. You can also use the beige phone to dial 81-3826 and the tie line will connect you with that Denton Office.

*The red phone is a direct connection to the DPS in Denton. No digits need to be dialed – there is an immediate response from Security Officers at the Denton site.

*There are also two tall blue cylinders directly outside the TWU – Houston building. One is on the Fannin Street side, and the other is on the Old Main/Holcombe side of the building. Pushing the buttons on these cylinders also connects you directly with DPS in Denton. 

*In the unlikely chance you are stuck in one of the elevators, please be advised that the Emergency Button inside the elevator cab connects you with DPS in Denton. You need describe your location as originating in Houston. 

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