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Student Life can provide a confidential avenue for you to request a Documented Absence.  This would require proof in hand of the reason for the absence -  like documentation of a doctor’s appointment, trip to the ER, funeral,  court summons, and the like - accompanied by a completed Attendance Form, found at the bottom of this web page:  When everything is gathered, bring these materials to the Coordinator at the Office of Student Life in Suite 2300.  The information will be reviewed, and as appropriate, an email will be sent to the respective faculty members indicating that materials have been shared documenting an absence from class on the noted day(s).  Nothing will be mentioned of reasons behind the absence, and all the supporting documentation will be kept strictly confidential in the Office of Student Life.  Please be advised that the faculty member still has the prerogative of accepting the absence as excused or not, given the expectations outlined for their particular class.  For more information, please refer to the Attendance Policy web page noted in the above mentioned link.     

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