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Valentine Cards for Texas Children's Hospital Patients - sponsored by DPT students and Student Life
Students, faculty and staff members are invited to craft gifts of the heart for patients at Texas Children's Hospital, located across the street from TWU.  A table is set up in front of the Office of Student Life for about ten days with an array of supplies ranging from cardstock to construction paper; markers to stickers; ribbon to pipe cleaners.  Students stop by in-between classes to create personalized cards for these very special youth!  Each year, TWU student groups hand deliver these card treats to the hospital so that children can receive them on Valentine's Day.  Supplies are made available:  February 1 through February 10, 2017.

International FestivalInternational Student Festival -
sponsored by Student Life
Celebrate cultural heritage during the International Student Festival.  This popular annual event showcases the exquisite beauty of various cultures through food, fabric, crafts, language, writing systems, clothes, utensils, adornment - to name just a few...In recent years, a "TWU passport for travel" has been created for attendees to take from "country to country", and the host at each table will stamp the passport before the individual moves to the next cultural table.  The talents and contributions of our international student community are also highlighted with pure joy! 
Event Date:  February 20, 2017.

GoRedTWUHouFeb2016Go Red for Women - Healthy Heart
To assist in raising awareness of cardiovascular disease, TWU wears red on a designated day in February.  Information tables are also available with much material for the browsing and wonderful guides to live a healthy life for your heart!
Event Date:  February 1, 2017

Fall and Spring Mixer - sponsored by SGA
The tradition of Spring Fling began on the Denton Campus and has extended to the Houston Campus.  This unique indoor/outdoor carnival provides a high level of student involvement among campus student organizations that volunteer for the game and concession booths. 
Event Date:  January 30, 2017.

Logo FairTWU Logo Fair - sponsored by
the Food Service Administration and the TWU Bookstore
The Office of Student Life hosts the semi-annual TWU apparel and merchandise sale on the Houston campus.  The area directly across from the office is quite literally transformed into a cozy shop where memories of TWU are captured in the many products offered.  Items for sale include TWU clothing, bumper stickers, portfolios, umbrellas, key chains, baseball caps, blankets, water bottles and more.  Refreshments and door prizes are always a favorite at this event! 
Event Date:  January 28 & 30, 2017.

DeStress Day Foot Soaking
 Day - sponsored by SGA, hosted by Student Life
The SGA provides opportunities for students to relax by presenting semi-annual DeStress Day activities.  Activities include:  neck, back and shoulder massages, foot massage and soaking, facial kits and chair massages.  Stations are set up on not only the 2nd floor, but the 8th floor as well.  A nutritional snack and stress toys are also a bonus at this event. 
Event date:  April 24, 2017.

Annual Health Fair - sponsored by Student Life
The 5th Annual Health Fair will be held at the Metropolitan Multi-Services Center, Adaptive Sports and Recreation facility.  Local health care providers, TWU faculty, staff and students are invited to host booths, present activities, provide resources or services (such as screenings) and/or volunteer during the event.
Event Date:  April 2017


Blood Donations - sponsored by Student Life
Once in the Fall and twice in the Spring Semester, students can donate blood at TWU - Houston with the on-site cooperation of The Methodist Hospital -Eileen Murphree McMillin Blood Center Team.
Event Date:  once each Fall and Spring Semester; October 3, 2016 and February 13, 2017




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