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Radiating from the heart of Student Life is a holistic approach to your campus experience — one that encourages growth, cultivates awareness, fosters a sense of community and develops student leadership. Through intentional intervention of programs, Student Life engages and nurtures one’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

One of the strengths about TWU, especially the Houston Center, is the community atmosphere that permeates everything you are involved in on campus. Student Life is active in that development through its relationships and activities. It is also rather unique in that it lends a physical presence to many of the departments officed out of Denton: Career Services, Disability Support Services, Fitness & Recreation, ID Card Services, International Education Office and Student Health Services.                                                                                                     

Orientation - Visit from Balloon ArtistAs a TWU Houston Center student, you are immediately enveloped in two communities: that of TWU and the Texas Medical Center (TMC). The TMC community is rich with its offerings for students of health care disciplines.  Please reference the Texas Medical Center Relationships tab for more detailed information.

The Office of Student Life is excited to help orchestrate opportunities for you to grow, cultivate a sense of community, develop leadership skills, and enhance your awareness within the kaleidoscope of life's encounters. It is the heart of TWU, and works to augment an academic base that will prepare you more fully for your entry in to another level of the professional world.

There is something here for everyone! There is something here for you.

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