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Parking Information

For more information on parking at the TWU Dallas Campus, visit  or call the Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) – (214) 689-6666


Need to get to campus? Plan a spring break trip? Need a free ride, or maybe you want to earn a few bucks giving someone a lift? Check out for a fast and easy route to your destination! is a website to find TWU ridesharing opportunities

You can also post on the TWU Off Campus Facebook, through Blackboard, or on the RideShare bulletin board next to the commuter lounge on the 1st floor of the Student Union to find fellow students willing to share rides, moving vans, etc.! 

University Pass Program through DCTA

Are you a student interested in purchasing the DCTA University pass? Beginning Friday August 19th, you simply need to email your EBILL along with contact information to For faculty and staff needing to purchase a pass, email a copy of your employee IDs as well as your contact infomation. The DCTA CSRs will call you back within 24 hours to process the transaction and mail the card. Credit card payment is accepted. Remember to always carry your ID and your pass while riding the bus or train. Both must be shown upon request by a DCTA officer. University Pass Program fare information is below:  

Student Local

Full Semester (130-140 days)


Summer Semester (80-90 days)


Annual Local Pass (365 days)



Student Regional

Full Semester (130-140 days)


Summer Semester (80-90 days)


Annual Regional Pass (365 days)




Local Semester Faculty/Staff Pass (130-140 days)


Regional Semester Faculty/Staff Pass (130-140 days)


Local Annual Faculty/Staff  Pass (365 days)


Regional Annual Faculty/Staff Pass (365 days)


Other Transportation

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