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Beginning the first day of class in the Fall 2014 semester, lockers may be rented through the Office of Student Life (Suite 3600) for $5.00 per semester per student, for multiple semesters (maximum 2 consecutive semesters per student).  Only one locker per student will be assigned.  Locker rentals must be paid with cash or check only.  Refunds are not available. 

Continuing students who have purchased a Student Life approved lock in a previous semester (prior to Fall 2014) may bring their lock to Student Life and be assigned a locker with a 2-semester rental fee waived, due to the cost of the initial lock purchased.

To allow for ongoing cleaning and maintenance of lockers, all items must be removed from lockers by the last day of each semester, and will be available again on the first day of the following semester.  Items left behind will be temporarily stored with DPS.

Lockers are located on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, with some priority consideration for academic programs on each floor.

Priority Assignments:
5th floor hallways – priority consideration for OT students
5th floor PT locker rooms – priority consideration for PT students
2nd and 4th floor lockers – priority for the Nursing students

Students in the School of Physical Therapy who have already been assigned a locker previous to Fall 2014 will keep the same locker for the remainder of their enrollment in the PT program.  There will be no change or additional charge to their previously assigned locker.

Remaining lockers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Lockers in the Fitness Center locker room area must also be emptied at the end of the day.

The Office of Student Life reserves the right to suspend or cancel, with a 48-hour notification, a locker rental whenever the policy is violated or misused.  Unauthorized locks will be removed without warning and items will be temporarily stored with DPS.  Report any misuse of lockers to DPS or the Student Life Office.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Office of Student Life
TWU Institute of Health Sciences, Dallas Center
August 20, 2014

For questions or additional information regarding this policy, please contact the Student Life Office at 214-689-6697 or

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