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The Student Life Office- Dallas serves as a contact point for all Student Services at the Denton Campus of the Texas Woman's Univerity. One of these is the Counseling Services Center. For more information on Counseling Center service, click here.

Below is a list of some of the programs that will be offered in conjunction with Student Life, Student Health Services and the Office of Intercultural Services over the course of this semester. Please feel free to attend and look out for details of these programs on your Student Life Office bulletinboard and Blackboard emails.

• Sleep & Academic Success – January 27th
Come learn about how the quantity and quality of sleep you get can affect your academic success, and how to make changes to ensure the amount of sleep you are getting will take you towards academic success.

• Becoming a Global Healthcare Provider – Feb. 4th & March 4th
Description and details coming soon.

Dealing with Perfectionism- March 5th
If you are a perfectionist, it is likely that you learned early in life that other people valued you because of how much you accomplished or achieved. As a result you may have learned to value yourself only on the basis of other people’s approval.  Come learn about how to deal with perfectionism.

Stress Management- March 24th
Come learn how to channel your worry into positive motivation, rework the negative thoughts about your performance that hold you back, and gain tips on how to recognize and relieve stress.

Time Management- April 9th
Come learn about how to improve academic success through the use of time management, and how to make changes to ensure the amount of sleep you are getting will take you towards academic success.

Juggling Multiple Roles- April 16th
Come learn how to juggle the many roles you have, while still taking care of yourself.

De-stress Express: April 28th-30th
Brief guided meditation sessions will be offered several times throughout the days leading up to finals, massages, free goodies, and more!

All sessions will take place over the noon lunch hour in 3620, and Student Life will be providing free lunch to those who RSVP.

Please be on the lookout for links to RSVP online in the coming weeks. These workshops are open to all students, faculty, and staff.

For more information and enquiries, email

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