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About Redbud

Each year, Texas Woman’s University celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding student leaders and the faculty and staff who supports them. This university-wide tradition, known as “The Redbud Awards Festival,” began as part of an annual event held during TWU’s Homecoming festivities on the Denton Campus,and was expanded to include an event specifically for the Dallas campus in 2011. Now is the time of year to once again recognize and celebrate TWU Dallas campus students, faculty, and staff for their leadership and service!

2014 Redbud Nominees and Winners

2013 Redbud Nominees and Winners 

2012 Redbud Nominees and Winners

2011 Redbud Nominees and Winners

Outstanding Student Leader

This category recognizes students who demonstrate leadership inside and outside of the classroom by their participation and demonstrated leadership in student groups, professional organizations, and community service.  Students nominated must have demonstrated significant leadership within the given academic year.  An Outstanding Student Leader from each academic program on the Dallas Campus (where three or more student have been nominated) will be selected from this group of nominees.

Faculty/Instructor Champion

This category recognizes faculty and instructors who are "champions" of student leadership development through mentoring, advising student groups, and encouraging participation in professional organizations and community service.  One teacher (full or part time faculty, adjunct faculty, or instructor) from each program represented on the Dallas Campus (where three or more students have been nominated) will be selected from this group of nominees.

Staff Unsung Hero

This category recognizes a staff member in any department on the Dallas Campus who goes above and beyond the call of duty to support students and create a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff on campus.  When choosing a particular staff member, we will consider those who consistently perform beyond expectations in their demonstrated leadership and service within, as well as their contributions to the TWU-Dallas community during this current academic year.  One staff member will be selected from this group of nominees.

How does the selection process work?

After nominations are received, the nominees are contacted and asked to complete a bio form and fill in additional details about themselves.  A committee of students, faculty, and staff representative of the Dallas Campus is assembled to review the nominations and bio forms.  Committee members score nominees using a rubric and then rank them.  Committee members will not see the names of the nominees, and will be asked to review nominations from outside their own department.  A non-voting committee member is assigned to the task of compiling scores and rankings to determine the finalist in each category and/or department.  Only after all scoring is complete are the finalists matched to their bio information to determine who in each category and/or department is selected.  The finalists (Redbud Award Recepients) are not announced until the awards ceremony.


January 15th: Nomination Forms Available

March 3rd:  Nominations are Due

March 5th:  Nominations are Announced to Campus

March 21st:  Bio/Information Sheets from Nominees are Due

March 24th:  Nomination packets are submitted to Review Committee

April 4th:  Review Committee returns packets

April 7th Results are Tallied and Final Selections/ Certificates and Plaques are Ordered

April 14th:  4th Annual Redbud Awards (5:30pm, Rm 1010-Auditorium) RSVP to

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