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Student Organizations: Plan Your Event!

To ensure a successful event, plan in advance and schedule all requests well before the semester begins. Take into consideration special requests (ie, tables, trashcans, technology) in advance. For student organizations, all form submissions must be made to The Office of Student Life.  The student organization advisor approval is also required.

Multi-purpose Room

If the meeting is one where food will be served, the only room that allows food is the Multipurpose Room (3620, 3rd floor). This meeting space must be reserved if food will be served.

Check the Multi-Purpose Room Availability

Multi-Purpose Room Reservation Form

Multipurpose Room Arrangements

The multipurpose room can be arranged in any way you request, with some limitations. The request form asks what type of room arrangement will you need. Below are several options for the room layout, but if you would like something different, just be specific on the request form.

Room Layout Options coming soon!

Other Room Reservations Options - Dallas Campus

The additional rooms available for reservation through the Student Life Office are:
1. SGA Office, Room 3606 (maximum capacity 20)
2. Student Organization Office, Room 3609 (maximum capacity 12)
3. Student Life Conference Room, 3604 (maximum capacity 12, videoconference or teleconference capability available)

To reserve one of these spaces for your student organization meeting, contact  These are food approved rooms.

First Floor Lobby & Auditorium

Registered Student Organizations may also reserve classroom space or the 1st floor auditorium (Room 1010) for their event, as long as food is not served inside the classroom. Food can be served in the lobby area outside of the auditorium.  To reserve any of these, you will need to contact Conference Services.

Submit "Dallas & Houston Facility Reservation Form" from
- Requests for rooms must be submitted to Student Life 30 days in advance of the scheduled meeting. NOTE: The Advisor Signature must be on the form when submitted.

Complete "Large Event Form"; activity/meeting with 100 persons or more
 - In those instances where anticipated attendance in a meeting/program is 100 persons or more, a Large Event Form must accompany the Request Form. Please submit the necessary form a month in advance to allow for review and hopeful approval. NOTE: Approval for a Large Event is placed before a University committee for consideration.

-          If you are inviting an outside organization or outside visitors to campus, additional approval may be required.  Please allow at least one month for the approval process for any large events or those involving outside guests or organizations.

Other Student Organization Events or Requests:

In order to accomodate multiple requests from student organizations, it is necessary to place requests in advance for fundraising events, tabling events, or box drives. To request approval, please complete this online request form (TWU log in required). Student Life needs at least a week in advance so that a work order can be placed. Facilities Management needs minimally a 3 day notice with requests.

Reminder: No meetings or activities (sponsored by registered student organizations) can be scheduled during the last week of classes nor during final exams on the University campus.  Registered student organization meetings and programs must be held in days prior to the last week of classes and during final exams.  The University sets these two weeks apart from others each semester for students to focus strictly on preparing for classes. No requests for space or rooms during these two week will be approved for student organizations.

Publicity: Announcements can be placed in two locations ONLY: on the 3rd floor free speech board and in The Office of Student Life.
Please present all materials to the Student Life Office that you wish to post in their office. The 3rd floor public bulletin board is reviewed weekly, and items are cleaned/discarded as appropriate to make way for new material the coming week.  Moveable sign stands and dry erase message boards can be used the day of only, with advance request.

No Use of Tape or Other Adhesives is permitted on any surface of the building.  Please respect the House Rules for the T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences:

House Rules Policy

For questions about the room reservation process please contact Chre Parnell at or Kristin Spain at

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